Chasing the SOO 1003 Steam Engine Today

This is the first sighting of the day and yes, that is my son on the far left. He takes pics of the trains and I take pics of him taking pics of the train!

The 1003 Steam engine is stored near us and takes a small trip every year at this time.


Where is that located?

That pic was in Branden Wis. It takes a trip from Hartford to Ferryville on Sat and then Sun back down. Tradition every year!

You guys will have these pictures and moments to always look back on. Thanks for sharing.

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Had a pretty crappy end to the day though…well, it also cut the day short. His zoom lens jammed and no longer worked. Had to head home early. We were supposed to go out all day tomorrow for his birthday chasing trains. Not sure if that will happen. Going to contact a camera shop and see if they have anything comparable. On another note, most small privately owned camera shops are no longer. But there is one we found about an hour away. We shall see what the day brings. But boy, what a bummer that was.