Chaos in Israel

Israel’s in chaos over a government push to modify the courts.

The bill to overturn the reasonableness standard, which would end the High Court’s authority to strike down government decisions that it deems unreasonable, passed the third and final Knesset vote needed to ratify it into law on Monday afternoon.

I’m sure there are two sides of the coin here… However, the first thing that jumps out to me, imagine the Federal Government here at home passing a law to allow abortion. The Supreme Court can overrule that, as we have states rights in this nation. In Israel, that is no longer the case, their high court has been chopped down a notice.

Bibi was going to ram this through months ago, but the protests were too large and loud. So he pulled it off the table to let the crowds die down. Now they’re back again.

From reports, the protests continue…

I can see our government trying to do the same thing…although, it seems that it already does. I don’t have faith in our judicial system anymore. I’ve seen too much corruption there as well as everywhere else.

So…the scuttlebutt on the interweb today is that if Trump wins the election, he’s going to “massively expand executive power”.

I agree. There is no standard law anymore. The law of precedence proves it.

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That is so true; the side of the coin from HAARETZ is much like the view would be from the New York Times, or Washington Post.

If you would like to hear the other side, from a Jew living in Israel, listen to the 17-minute video.

Israel Passes Justice Reform

The continued right vs left tug-o-war and promoting civil war. Division is their goal.

BTW - I unsubscribed to GP awhile ago. They ticked me off for some reason but can’t remember why! I guess I will re-subscribe. I subscribe to a few news outlets mainly to read the headlines and OCCASSIONALY read the articles.

I don’t disagree with what you are saying Kay. I try to resist painting the “right” or the “left” with a broad brush. It’s sometimes difficult because I am biased toward the right. To me it seems that it’s the extreme nutcases on both sides who are promoting the division and pushing for civil war.

Unfortunately, these are the only people we ever see or read about in the MSM, and so I believe, as you said, division is their goal. If the MSM deems someone to be right-wing, they better not do anything stupid, because if they should cross over whatever imaginary line the media has set, the MSM will quickly toss fuel on the fire. Then of course the ever-ready BLM and Antifa will jump into action and start burning down cities.

I have a few sites I visit every day, but I don’t subscribe to any, I do as you do, I scan the headlines.

I have always been biased to the right, but as of the last few years, that has changed. Even locally I’m disgusted with who is running. We had a guy that I truly liked that was going to run for governor, but as always happens - the other republicans that was running had more money and talked him out of it, saying that he was too young and too inexperienced. Of course we still ended up with Tony Evers…again.

And your correct, the extreme nutcases are the ones that get the attention.

I feel your pain, Kay; I’m from Minnesota we have one of the worse governors in the country, plus there is zero chance a good Christian conservative will be elected to any state office in Mn.

I think that is true of any office anymore. I always leaned to the right but now as Kay said, it has changed for me too. Plus, my hip hurt from leaning one way. :grin:

It is all about the money and perks. I want someone to stand and say I will run my office on the principles of Jesus Christ.

Well what do ya know - Now I know why I was having hip pain and now it’s no longer there! :grin:

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