Change Is Coming

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Change is coming, you can feel it, and if you’re wise, you can see it. Most people don’t see the change that is being written on the wall. They’re too distracted with our own political landscape that looks more like a circus than anything else. Yes, we are too distracted from what really matters in…

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It seems everything this administration is doing, plays right into their hands. We have become so dependent on other nations; we can’t even fend for ourselves anymore.

It almost seems like our leader is a foreign agent. To the other nations, we are the red headed step kid.

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Going through the Old Testament, arriving at Judges, the Israelites are being sold into the hands of their enemies for their idolatry. I knew it was often, but it is more than I realized. I am making a list of the events and times.

When there was peace through behavior, they seemed to stay to themselves. When they disobeyed, the heathen that the Lord used to punish them would force their ways on them.

I mentally wanted to place our nation in one of the roles that fit us best. The problem is we are like the heathen nations in that we are always trying to force our way on the world.

When we are at peace, why can’t we live as commanded and let the other tribes of the world do as they please? Who are we to dictate how they live? Their purpose is none of our business, even if we followed the law to the letter. All we are commanded is to set the example.

Such a great point and looking at it from the angle of the Old Testament.

As I’ve been reading from cover to cover, it’s amazing the connections you make, all on your own. It’s also amazing to see how often the Israelites messed up. Honestly, I found myself pretty frustrated reading about it time after time after time.

Good thing I’m not God, I would have destroyed us all and started over long ago! :smile:

To your point,

2 Kings 21:9 But they hearkened not: and Manasseh seduced them to do more evil than did the nations whom the LORD destroyed before the children of Israel.

That’s pretty bad.

Why does anyone look up to the Israelites again? :man_shrugging:t3:

I feel the same way. I just read through Gibeon again, as you say cover to cover, witnessing the 300 defeating the 1000’s, then he dies, and they go right back to what got them into the trouble in the first place.

It’s like you burn yourself on the stove, heal, then do it again and complain.


The SOS is on both sides. It is all about distraction, deception of the individual soul all against Jesus Christ. Ultimately their destruction is the second death.

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!00% correct, Brandon. I’ve taken a verbal beating for publicly stating my perceptions concerning Ukraine and Russia. Putin did not want to invade Ukraine. In fact he exhausted all diplomacy until he was forced to act. He had no choice. He would be an idiot to allow the west to have a strong presence in Ukraine who’s capital city is just 400 miles from Moscow as the ‘missile’ flies. How did JFK respond when Khrushchev chummed up with Castro and began installing missile launch pads in Cuba just 90 miles off the U.S coast. JFK Issued an ultimatum to Khrushchev, and he soon complied. Castro in defiance urged Khrushchev to
launch a first strike at the U.S instead. Khrushchev replied, 'you are a mad man! I see no difference in that scenario than Russia’s ultimatum to the U.S. and it’s allies. Very obvious to me that the US and numerous entities are the aggressor in this scenario. And that Russia is gathering allies of its own. Biden is nowhere close to the caliber of man JFK was. And the US is no longer a united people and sovereign nation that it was in 1962, not even close. My Allegiance as always is to the United States. Our national anthem and ‘America’ still stirs my emotions and brings me to tears and causes a lump in my throat. I am deeply saddened and troubled at how far we have strayed from the values this country was founded on.
Revelation 18

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Welcome to the community Jose, thanks for joining us!

Thank you for having me. The Truth is here.

The Bolsheviks have been meddling in America since before Lincolns time. A persistent subtle manipulation of all things especially all that is good and glorifying to God. We all know this. The old saying; there are many men in Hell with good intentions.

The subtle twisting of the Word of God to corrupt all people in all nations. SOS will pit brother against brother. In the end the merchants of the world will still cry for their Babylon.

Pray for the blind that are lost in this world. Father Gods Will be done above all things.

I like that old piece of wisdom. ‘The road to hell, is paved with good intentions’