CDC: 3.7M Births in U.S. Last Year, Far Below Replacement Level

For decades, the U.S. birth rate has been below replacement levels, this year was no exception.

“The total fertility rate in 2022 remained at below replacement … the rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and consistently below replacement since 2007,” the CDC report states.

There were 3.66 million births in the U.S. last year. The fertility rate remained at 1.66 births per woman. In the U.S., the replacement level where a generation can replace themselves needs a fertility rate of 2.1 births per woman.

Now you know why we have a flood of illegals in this nation. Don’t expect that to end completely if/when a new President steps in office.

Elon Musk said in his opinion, the low birth rate is a bigger threat to the world than anything else. I agree that Mexican immigrants are coming because of the demand for them. they are filling the void for laborers and skilled labor. a large percentage that came here 25 - 30 years ago are landlords of multiple property’s and business owners. Open the phone book to yellow pages and look at the company names under roofing, concrete, brick layers, framing contractors, etc. White American construction crews are quickly becoming dinosaurs as the Baby boomers are retiring and dying.