CDC: 1 million Covid shots prevent 0-1 deaths

You just can’t make this stuff up.

via the CDC

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: many will be deceived. Its like they push a false narrative but also put the correct stats out to show how dumb most ppl are :man_shrugging:


I agree, but there are also those people that just never see what the CDC puts out. They just follow the news media that they have trusted all their life. I see that especially in the older folks, but really it’s all ages.


I have a question to run by yas… has anyone else noticed these characteristics? :point_down:
I am watching my 2 neighbors die in front of me daily.
I just know it is from , the you know what!
There noses are a non stop drip and there walking is off. There declining quickly , you can see it in there body. There are both now , in short span of time looking like walking skeletons.They are both late 70 but they were both extremely active and in good condition. Cutting loads and stacks of wood, tending garden etc etc now barley able .It’s come over them both ( separate households) with same symptoms.
:cry: the non stop drip from nose has there skin a mess as well.
It’s soooo sad to see this first hand
I know others in other age brackets that I have not seen this happen to at this point.
Thanks for listening just feeling sad over this and curious if it’s something others have seen?

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the stats they will not divulge, are the number of deaths and serious illnesses as a direct result of the vaccine [poison] . those numbers are in the millions.
the majority of people were eager to get the first vaccines. So now they are going to walk it back in [very soon] Of course they will prep us for it. in the next 30 days there will be an out break in BFE and spreading like wildfire. I think their plan will be met with much more resistance this time. I predict that they will not be running to the nearest place with their sleeve rolled up, to get their shot, like last time.

They only tell us what they want us to hear. And if they do tell us something, we have to immediately think “Why are they telling us that?”. It’s truly sad watching these people that don’t get it.

Sorry, what is BFE? :rofl: I’m slow…

I hope their plan meets with more resistance…but I’m just not to sure. They will just try to make it scarier than last time. :frowning:

Kay’ better ask Pat. :wink:

AHHH!!! It just clicked!!! :rofl: :joy: :upside_down_face: (and I didn’t even need to ask Pat!!!

That is exactly what happened to my mother-in-law. Non-stop nose dripping and she could no long walk on her own, she had to have a walker. She had a pacemaker for over 15 years and her heart doctor stressed she get the jab and the following boosters–not only that, they stressed last year to take the flu jab, as well.

By January, she could no longer stand, even with a walker, she was continually falling. Her nose ran like a faucet. February, she went to the hospital for not being able to breathe. By March she was back in the hospital with renal failure and pooling of blood in her stomach. She died March 18th, she was 79.

Tammy, if your neighbors were mid sixties and experiencing
sharp decline in health after the jab, that would be a red flag to me. Late 70’s jab or no jab that’s normal. I’m late sixties and now, just a shadow of the man I was 5 years ago. Still, I agree that noticeable rise in serious illness and sudden death in people as young as 30 years old is a direct result of the vaccine. I have family members who took the jab and they all have tested positive for covid as many as 4 times since, while the people who refused the jab have never tested positive for covid. [ Most never tested period]