Catholic priests and children once again

Once again, priests are in the news for sexually abusing children. I doubt the truth will ever come out on all of this. Some religions believe a man should not have sex in order to serve God. Paul seemed to think, that could be a bad idea.

On another note, it’s interesting that easter is right around the corner when this news comes out. It’s another attempt to slander Christianity.

Nevertheless, this is another prime example the church was infiltrated long ago by the morally destitute. It’s always been this way, just read the Old Testament. Today, it only grows worse as many tried to hide the truth. That was essentially the story I got from a Methodist preacher on this article.

Bravo! I have always felt that organized religion , especially television evangelists. Their lust for money and power have made a mockery of the gospel and seeded doubt in peoples minds. They feed on the lonely and sick. Because they do those things in Jesus name, droves of people reject the word of God and the gospel and refuse to believe. I have always urged people to read read the bible and listen to their own hearts and minds to seek God. Never trust your soul to men,. but only God and his word.