Carlson spreads propaganda please let me know what exactly you mean?

Thank you brother Brandon I’m so excited about the Great Golf in heaven I’m hoping that I don’t have to bring my own clubs that I can get custom made clothes with really good grips wow thanks for reminding me this because now with my stenosis I can’t even hardly swing a club so wow what a blessing to look forward to!!# Great Gulf between us,? Most the mostly the pretty people in the Evangelical charismatic churches!! Hey everybody get out both remember the last scriptural admonition faith without works is dead in the book of James please read and meditate there upon I will show you my f a i t h by my works!! I am a little taken back that sister Kay thinks that took her Carlson spreads propaganda please let me know what exactly you mean?? Is probably the most populous man of the real people and the new reformed Republican report party. Brandon this is what we need people to go out and be Watchmen in the voting Arena and at the polls to voice the real concerns of American people here and write the ship a little bit from this so-called democratic governmental control wow they are screwing like rats because they are losing power in the midst of all their calamity and lies!! The true truth will set us free not man’s truth but the King of Kings and the Lord of lords Yeshua Jesus are Elohim and Adonai the Lord of our salvation!! Blessed be the name of Yahweh Elohim take back America for God country and family check out what Benjamin Franklin said in the 1879 convention please for a man that was pretty political and ambassador to many nations he knew the word of God!!

Please excuse my voice recognition errors!! I meant people need to get out and vote their conscious!! And I meant golf clubs not closed but God will give us new clothes in heaven if we have fruits enough to bear the righteousness of Christ otherwise we will be naked as a Jay bird!! We shall know them by their fruits so let us therefore examine one another and see if we are walking in the truth and God will make it very very manifest who is doing the work and who is just talking LOL be swift to hear slow to speak and slow to Wrath! Selah his mercies are new every morning and great is his faithfulness!! His loving kindness is better than life

I used to love watching Tucker Carlson, we watched him every night. Then the 2020 election happened and we started looking at everything a lot differently. Fox News is just like the other news media – journalists are controlled on what they can and cannot say. They are controlled opposition. Fox News started losing viewership after the election. So to hook people back into it, they allow their journalists to say just so much, but never getting down to the real story. We saw that with the election and with the “pandemic”. Why didn’t Tucker ever have guests on that had cold hard facts of what was going on with the election? Why didn’t Tucker ever have the Frontline doctors on that were trying to get the word out about the treatment protocols they were using for COVID? Why did it take so long for Tucker to supposedly admit that he didn’t get the vaccine? It’s all timing. They monitor social media to see how the people are reacting and what they are saying…then allow to air certain tidbits to get people back into watching. Of course this is my opinion and I feel holding back on information is propaganda. Tucker is working for a company that controls him. At least Lou Dobbs eyes were opened and he left.


i think opposition is controlled, rather than “controlled opposition” (like a matix fully, but there could be some of that). I think opposition actually exists…dba: enmity, since the garden… Now, by the time satan is booted out, the opposition will almost totally be squashed—except the servants (set aside ones) being brought before the world/councils for THE witness directly via the cloven tongue…but we have a ways to go before that. There are carpenters as well… And yes, Tucker is an employee of a large media, but that does not mean that every single employee has the same thoughts. again, we must think for ourselfs, and tucker has dripped in some truth on certain things, but his employer doesn’t want to go down like OANN did.