Canada steps closer to euthanizing children

Good idea, bad idea?

Your thoughts…

I find it hypocritical to want to end the life of someone who is ill etc., but then cherish the life of the criminal who makes others’ lives miserable and not worth living in their mind.

It is okay to help take the life of someone who wants it done, but when a healthy life is taken by someone, we want to give them all the rights and go against God’s law to save them.


Depression, anxiety, mental illness…are all real things BUT I think we are made to believe we need drugs, pills, which then lead to more side effects. The American diet literally is causing these illnesses just how depleted we are of excellent nutrients. And our stagnant, lazy, yet convenient culture makes these illnesses worse.

Canada is using those as markers to extinguish people. Just incredibly sad.

humans are being reduced to animals in many ways. I remember as a small boy when we had a dog get injured or very sick, they were ‘put down’ the whole family loved the dog and it was a very sad time. The average family could barely feed themselves and pay the bills , much less pay a vet bill. So the only right thing to do was put the dog out of it’s misery. And it took a lot of courage. On the other hand, when our old folks got to frail to work or take care of themselves they would be taken in by the younger family members. Most of them had old age pensions that would at least help with food and medicine, even though , it placed a burden on the family tending to their needs. but people did it out of love, respect and spiritual obligation. Fast forward 60 yrs.