Can You Inherit Demons From Your Parents Or Through Drug Use?

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Brandon I trust your teachings. Came across this and it kind of blew my mind. I would really like some clarity on it, from you, if you have the time and or interest.

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I think drugs can Def open you up to the dark side. I think rituals for sure open you up. I have watch many testimonials from ppl that have come out of santeria and i believe what they say about they saw spirts or saw ppl possessed.

I agree, absolutely portals to demonic spirits, especially LSD and other chemical concoctions. I experienced with it as a kid several times before I realized how dangerous it was. Some of the LSD back in the sixties and early seventies was super powerful, some of the kids back then never came down completely.
the more spiritually aware a person was, the more dangerous it was I think. Today, I think crystal meth is public enemy number one. Super addictive and a killer, physically and mentally. My son went through a five year bout with Meth.
I was sure it was too late for him, but he somehow found the strength to put it down. The family of the user suffers the most, and society falls victim to the theft and lies of the user. Know matter how well you raised your children, don’t think they could not fall victim. Meth goes after the rich, poor, Christian and heathen.

I, too, went down that road for a bit as a teenager. I thank God that He steered me away from all that eventually. I sometimes wonder how I made it through all my crazy years - but one thing that never parted from me was God Himself. I wasn’t studying the bible and building my relationship with Him like I am today, but I did pray to Him. I truly believe that is how I survived.

And PRAISE GOD that your son found that strength! As awful as it was for him, I don’t even want to imagine what it was like for you as a parent.


Yes, I know exactly what you are saying and I agree 100%.

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