Can We Really Trust The Science?

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You remember that mantra? “Trust the science.” It was hailed during the pandemic as something we should place our hope and trust in. If any thought or idea questioned the proposed science, well then, it was wrong, and those believing it were a fool. That is, if you listened to the mainstream. Fortunately, those ugly…

Trust in God and only God.

There are good and bad teachers, preachers, and yes, scientists. There are scientists who falsify data to formulate an argument that doesn’t even exist.

And the truly sad part of that is when something is falsified, good hearted scientists, doctors and researchers use that information and build upon it. I truly believe our science is built upon an unstable foundation - reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream…and it will crumble!

Does anyone every fantasize about going postal on these people?


I used to… :rofl: BUT now I know it’s just the way it is. Some know what they are doing and some don’t.

Trust the science and follow the 25 year old ‘Experts’.
No thanks!