California is the new Sodom

California is now a sanctuary state for transgender procedures. Newsom said, ‘Parents know what’s best for their kids’.


During the pandemic, parents didn’t know what was best for their kids, but now they do. See how the public is manipulated?

i was reading about all the sanctuary BS that is going on in different states. Sanctuary cities have a Basis in the Bible. Unfortunately, the concept has been perverted.

This is where I see God’s reason for the millennium - so many don’t even have a chance. These children and what they go through without ever learning God’s Word just breaks my heart!

The plot thickens on this one…

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill last night empowering state courts to remove out-of-state children from their parent’s custody if those children come to California because they can’t get sterilizing transgender drugs and mutilating surgeries in their home states or because their parents object to these experimental treatments for gender dysphoria. - California Family Council

California gave itself the power to remove out of state children from their parents custody if parents refuse to have their child transgendered. So if your kid runs off to California, then the state can take ownership of your child.

This is absolutely absurd.

I read this insanity and …

I keep expecting Rod Serling to walk out and say Welcome to the twilight zone. :crazy_face:


These people are truly evil…breaks my heart.