California asks residents to stop charging electric cars

Get this, California asked residents to stop charging their electric vehicles… Just days after announcing a ban on gasoline powered cars. :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::smile:

Ahh, you just cannot makes this stuff up. When you’re having a down day, just read some lib news.


And I’m sure a lot of them won’t even see the hypocrisy in this. I sometimes wonder if God is sitting up there on His throne kind of chuckling at all of this. I mean, I’m sure He has a sense of humor! Heck, He’s probably making things like this happen just to wake some people up!


I wonder if they have a back up plan? like opening a peddle factor for electric cars, so they can still get to work, oh that’s right there won’t be any jobs to go to, what a big joke this all is! every day there is more and more of “STUPID” headlines, most of it is laughable. Like biden running for president in 2024, now that one should get everyone laughing.


Just think, when California goes completely electric, if the government wants to lock down they can just turn off the switch.


Agree. And just think of a digital currency…or the people that have “smart” house that lock and unlock their doors. Crazy times we are living in!

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Sure makes me glad we left 4 years ago and never looked back :laughing: