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There is a skit that is used in variations in regards to sexual ritual abuse using Jesus as one of the characters and Satan. This is from Craig “Sawman” Sawyer,V4CR founder, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer is a Veteran Navy SEAL & U.S. Marine. His extensive experience at the Tier-1 level of military special operations and his training & experience as a federal criminal investigator, combined with his fearless passion for advocating for children makes Craig uniquely suited for this mission.
Here is a link of the ten minute video, he makes it very clean, and he start to introduce you gently around the 1:19 mark. This info also helps show why Lord does not love Satan!

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I posted the above because this happens in and out of churches, using of Jesus to harm beyond words the children, and try make them hate Jesus. You will see, even though you guys already have an idea.