😄 Bud Light plummets to 14th place among beers... Begs customers to return

They made their bed, now they’re going to sleep in it! :facepunch:t3:

They didn’t mind so much when they peddled it in our face, but now that it hurts the ol wallet, the tune changes. This is why we stop supporting companies who hold anti-God ideas. If we all do this, daily, look what we could do to companies.

I guess we could say Bud officially got bent over. :grin:

It’s good to see so many taking a stand against Anheuser-Busch. It’s a good monitor to see how people really feel about the latest anti-God fad being thrown in our faces.

Unfortunately, the majority of big companies are anti-God. The “free-market” that we used to have in this country is just a façade now. Small businesses that take off and grow get bought up by the big corporations…many just cannot compete. Even the big corporations put out fake small businesses today. Just try to find laundry detergent that isn’t backed by a large corporation! It’s sad because people will continue to buy from these large conglomerates because hey, they need it!

Your right. It is hard to boycott the whole works. Rural areas, it is probably harder. Even our taxes go toward abortions one way or another. To me, the heart is what really matters. But when something so blatant as Bud can be stepped on, it is good to see and a win.

There’s also the fear factor…

All companies are sitting back right now and looking at Bud Light and thinking, uh ohh, that could be us. We need more of that, a lot more of that!

Then, regardless if it’s a big corp or not, they can be punished by a lack of sales. No one wants that for their company, so I think we would see some pullback from the perversion, just as we are seeing a lot of back peddling with Bud.

You’re right, Bud was so blatant, it pushed everyone over the top.