Bud And Target Go Down In Flames For Pride

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If you didn’t know any better, you would swear the entire world is perverted and without any sense of morality. Mutilating children whether inside or outside of the womb is now a-okay if you listen to the hype. Society calls this being “woke.” Ouch. Hey, everywhere we look, perversion and filth are thrown in our…


The facade is placed into our minds as we live within their matrix of lies.

This sentence nails it!

Another thing I’ve seen happening for years - if you stand up against this evil, you are labeled. So many find it easier not to discuss their feelings about this behavior.

The Bud and Target fiasco was a great way for satan to see where society is at…

Excellent write up Brandon!! Much appreciated!


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Force fed evil 24/7/365 that is the real epidemic we suffer and there is no jab for it. When I hear someone say My lord, what is this world coming too. I almost cant hold back, HELLO! where have you been? we have already come to it, it has arrived. wash the sleep from your eyes, look around!