Brandon, Your Pork Study Makes You A Bigot!

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Some believe God cleansed pork in the New Testament. It’s not true, and I’m going to show you why through simple Scriptural analysis. You’re going to love this one.


And we wonder why we have so many denominations. I guess if we are going to fight over dirt, we might as well fight over the animals that roll in it. :pig:


I truly don’t understand how people can get so upset to the point of name calling if you don’t agree with their point of view. It’s pathetic. I’m addition, proclaiming to be a Christian when spewing hatred.

I will say, living in the low country for alot of my life, when I realized that my favorite foods, pulled pork barbecue and shrimp were unclean, it was really hard for me to accept. I gave up the pork but not the sauce (vinegar the best)!!! And occasionally, I do confess, I will eat a sweet shrimp.


Good job Brandon!!! Let them be the smoke in Gods nostrils and continue to kill themselves. For me…I’m pork free and listening to my Father. Traditions of men make void the word of God. For the ones name calling and being negative…hey Brandon is not holding a gun to your head to be here…go to your traditional church and continue to be a pew potato there…in all kindness! :heart:


After recommending a parasite cleanse to my husband. He will never eat pork again. He skipped a dose of the cleanse. ( Do not skip doses). Dead worms are much easier to pass. He was in the bathroom wrestling with an angry worm/ more like a snake. He is a visual person. All of my lectures did nothing compared to that WWE event in the bathroom. :scream:He shares this story with ALL pork eaters. He was just in the hospital for surgery. He told one nurse his snake wrestling story, and before you know it … he had a parade of nurses in his room asking him about it. He got tired of telling the story. I’m cracking up; you would have to know my husband. He’s a retired railroader. What you see, is what you get kind of guy. No flowery language.


I’m gonna have to send you a private message about the railroad industry. I take my son out chasing trains and he wants to get into the railroad industry. :smiley:

And about the parasites…I believe it!


Anybody know any good tasty recipes for Baked Puffer fish wrapped in bacon?? :blowfish:

Asking for a friend. :innocent:

Lasso or grille tongs?

Whatever recipe you choose, make sure you remove and discard the lips, they usually are rubbery like a hose.

Brandon, just wanted to mention, that in my state every spring in several central and western counties it is a tradition to have a ‘Rattlesnake Round up’ that attracts people from all over. The snakes are rounded up by the thousands then butchered and fried like chicken on Main st. It’s a big hoot and draws a lot of people. We also have a yearly 'Testicle Festival ’ that draws a lot of people. Pickled pigs feet, Fried Chicken feet are also a common treat.

In Louisiana gators and frogs are a common dish at the dinner table.

Most people [city folk] do not realize that ‘fresh pork’ [not cured by packing in salt and dehydrating ] will spoil faster than chicken. I personally do not like the taste or texture of fresh pork [pork chops] Fresh pork not prepared or handled properly is very risky.
The bacon most commonly sold at the local grocery is not actually cured and must be kept refrigerated and consumed fairly soon or frozen.
I like pork, and have no regrets or feelings of spiritual guilt when I eat it. That’s my opinion and we all have one.

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10-4 Snowman. also when you you are preparing Wuhan bat be sure to add a splash of Cobra urine, it makes all the difference!

Ohh yeah, my family and I have been blessed to travel all over this beautiful country. There’s all sorts of eating habits going on let me tell ya! Hey, to each their own, but you know as they say…

1Jn 5:19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.


Brandon, please try to realize that you are not the last word on anything, much less everything.
I agree with you on many of your interpretations of scripture when they align with mine.
But not always. Hopefully you don’t expect me or anyone to agree wholly on everything you say do you ?
I say that respectfully by the way. Have a glorious Sunday brother.

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You missed the joke buddy.

I’m just a guy! :+1:t3:

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“Testicle Festival” :grimacing:

Fried Chicken feet?

I will suggest that to the friend of mine who was asking for Puffer fish recipes.

He might like that as an appetizer.

Thank You Snow Man!! :+1:

Will pass along the tip.

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No worries mate! I don’t feel like a victim of bias or racism. :joy:

Heck yeah, I bet that would hit the spot. :rofl:

People in our area raise pigs for meat but also to clean their farm. Garbage, dead animals, their own young, etc. My family did not understand the Health Food Laws laid out in Leviticus, but after learning the role the pig has on earth- their body and fat and sweat glands (as well as other scavengers) and hearing firsthand from local farmers, its very clear how it could make us sick.
I find it so fascinating how people are so worried about this toxic chemical or this new fad diet, and they will listen to their doctor on how raw milk is bad for us (for example) but they will not actually think about where their food came from and what that animal eats? No one is perfect but we can use knowledge and scripture. After all, God created our bodies- why would we go to a doctor or friend for health advice?!