Brace yourself, here’s Maybelline's new business “partner”

The insanity never quits.

Maybelline’s new business partner.

They even added, “we have @amazon prime day deals”

Good grief. :nauseated_face:

Careful ladies, if you use Maybelline, you just might start looking like this one…

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the ladies out there stopped buying Maybelline like the men stopped buying Bud Light?

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This dude lost more than his hair follicles. Lock and Load.

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He lost his marbles.

He forgot to use this on his face.

All I can say is YUK!

Thanks for jumping into the madness Heather. Welcome!

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Yikes. Yes i use Maybelline mascara. As soon as i see facial hair im done with Maybelline.

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