Boy Scouts rebrands as Scouting America, dropping gendered name

Crazy with a capital K.

Boy Scouts rebrands as Scouting America, dropping gendered name

That’s right, there are no boys and there are no girls.

What an insane world!

Holy smokes I have better words to use, but you all might ban me from the community.

Hey, over the years, how many times have we heard about the Boy Scouts and sex abuse cases? Who knows!

They even settled a lawsuit.

Boy Scouts’ record $2.46 bln sex abuse settlement upheld by judge


Over 80,000 MEN reported being abused by scoutmasters. Now, what straight man sexually abuses little boys? Why, not a one! So who dun it? The homosexuals, the LGBTs, and so on. But hey, come on now, what they do, they do because they are who they are.

What the flip does that even mean?

So while the world starts to concern itself with a dwindling population. We continue to push for the normalization of homosexuality, pedophilia, and illegal immigration.

As Louis Armstrong once said, “What a wonderful world.”

Just think of all the new merit badges that will be available.

Diverse Neutering
Breast Feeding
Homophobia Awareness (Eagle Required)
Feathers, Frills and Fashion
Pedophile Watching