Boston University CREATES Covid strain with 80% kill rate!

I caught this story from Fox News the other day, but there were no sources. I reached out to Boston University without response. However, I found the study and this story is true.

These people are monsters, I thought there were rules against this in the United States and that was the point behind Wuhan… I know Fauci is all for gain of function research. He even said, this type of research is worth the risk of a global pandemic.

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when i read this the other day, i thought there is no way this is true, yes they are monsters!!! so then it is true that they are going to kill (try) us off because we are useless eaters. i guess no body will be going anywhere anymore. even though i live in the country, i still have to go into town, once or twice a month. then i got thinking what about propane delivery’s? more lock downs are coming???

I disagree with killing off the useless eaters bit.

For me, mankind has proven just how reckless they can be, without a master plan. We overfish the oceans and rivers, we over hunt the land, we pollute all with no regard for anything, but ourselves and making a buck. Since the 1970s, we’ve already killed off 70% of earth’s animals. Not by design, but through greed.

There is a plan to reduce the global population, but it’s not as insidious as many think. I’ve been hearing about forced population reduction for at least 20 years now. Yet, the global population is about to hit 8 billion. The idea is to reduce the population through family planning; ie: planned parenthood, culture changes, and so on. Not a one shot kill.

Lastly, regardless what someone believes on this. There will not be a mass kill from a virus, just as there will not be a mass kill from nuclear war. Don’t forget about the article I just wrote the other day.

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why in the world would they even create something so horrible to even think about? what will it be used for? will it be another vaccine for people to take???

In my opinion, there’s never a good reason (see below).

On top of the story I initially posted about, 20 years ago, scientists reanimated the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 50 million people.

Considering the fact that vaccines always have some side effect, I don’t think their reasoning is very good. After all their research, they completely botched the COVID-19 pandemic. From government response to the roll out of the vaccine. All gain of function research should be halted. It simply does not justify the potential for a catastrophe.

Should scientists create deadly viruses? Yes, says bioethicist

So should scientists even be studying or making nasty microbial critters? The answer is yes. The only way to anticipate and respond to changes in nature that convert a relatively harmless strain of flu to a pandemic killer or to figure out ways to deal with horrors like flesh eating bacteria is to create and study them.

Why Scientists Tweak Lab Viruses to Make Them More Contagious

The microbiology toolbox includes techniques to induce mutations in viruses that give the microbes new powers. Scientists perform these manipulations for many reasons, including wanting to understand how the microbes evade detection by our immune systems. But adding capability to a pathogen carries obvious risks, especially if this “gain of function” involves enhanced virulence or infectiousness. Escape from a lab, by accident or design, is a possibility. So why do it? Some researchers argue the work can offer a peek at what a virus can do before it goes into the natural world and poses a threat to people.

Should We Allow Scientists To Create Dangerous Super-Viruses?

Fouchier and his colleagues have argued that their work has benefits; that it has "contributed to our understanding of host adaptation by influenza viruses, the development of vaccines and therapeutics, and improved surveillance.”


what could possibly go wrong with all the"mad men" doing this?

Wow. Thank God He is in control.

It does seem like this is “how” we see the indicator in Rev 18:23. Yes, I know it says “sorceries”, but then why wasn’t just plain ol “deceived” used, instead of this “specialized” greek word. And, there is not doubt that pharma and “merchants” are indeed related. This is one of those “things”. I think this current “experience” will be fresh (as in the recent past) in our mind, when we hit the millennium. Mind benders and flesh life extenders (ie, don’t want to die) is something individuals value. They are trying to get out of “death”, other than going thru Christ.