Body of Jesus after resurrection

Hi fellows, I have a doubt, when Jesus Christ Our Lord was quickened, when He returned at the third day, His body, was not the flesh, it was the transfigured body? In palms it says:
Psalms 16:10 "For Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; Neither wilt Thou suffer Thine Holy One to see corruption. Corruption is the decaying of the flesh body, in that regard, the flesh body must have been carried to Heaven by the Father, or not?. Because Tomas (if I remember well) needed to touch the scars of the body of Jesus… Please someone help me. Thank you

Luke 24:39 tells us He still had flesh and bones when He met with the disciples for the first time.
When Mary went to the tomb, He met her there and told her He did not go to heaven yet, but it appears He was going to go after He sent her to the disciples. John 20:17-18. So, if He did go to heaven while she went to the disciples, He then came to the disciples telling them He still had flesh and bones.

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Very interesting!
I keep thinking the flesh body of Jesus is the only One in human history that do not decompose. I think like it reads in the Psalm I linked above.
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One thing that I find interesting is at some of His appearances, they didn’t recognize Him.

Also, He didn’t appear in angelic form either, as the 2 did at the tomb. (Shining Garments) He didn’t look like He did when He was transfigured at the meeting with Moses and Elijah or they would have commented on it.

This leads me to believe that he was in a flesh form till He went home awaiting the 2nd coming.