Biden steals from taxpayers to erase student loan debt

Let’s just call it what it is, shall we? Biden just stole from the American taxpayer to “forgive” the debt of college students.

However, Biden does not have the authority to forgive college debt, even Pelosi agrees. Passing the debt burden from those who agreed to pay, to those who did not, is THEFT.

Socialism is raging in this country. Where are the Republican court challenges?

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Well, at this point in my journey, I think they are both playing for the same team. If you watch the political ads both sides act like children. I understand the liberals are out of control, but honestly, the republicans are no better. I’m watching everything unfold in this world and I truly feel that it is just a show. We play this tug of war between the two parties year in and year out. But the bottom line is - regardless of who our president is, they never keep God in the equation. And we know what happens to nations that do that…they eventually fall. Just my 2 cents off the top of my head.


I completely agree. You took the words right out of my mouth Kay. Despite our revolving leadership, our nation continues to decline.

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