Biden And Friends Escalate Global Conflict

Full article at: Biden And Friends Escalate Global Conflict | World Events and the Bible

If you thought the world was going off the rails, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Why it was just two short weeks ago when I penned, “We’re Marching Toward The End Times.” My long time readers know that sentiment has always swirled in my mind. I just don’t regurgitate it for the sake of doing…

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Good gosh, I had to take a double dose of milk of magnesia and Geritol after reading about these insane commie satanist.

Think I’ll go fishing, drink moonshine (Ensure), and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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Hi, been longtime reader and never comment but feel need to relate what’s going on around me. After 60 yrs in CO i find myself living in El Paso, TX helping family. Eye opening and sober reality of young healthy men full of rage pouring (like water) into our country. Most from Venezuela i guess. There are cars waiting to pick them up like clockwork. I worked with homeless in Denver for 10 yrs but these are truly frightening types. I do not say this lightly, I’ve seen their eyes and watched them. Dec of last year was really bad, I live block from border and Juarez. Chinese soldiers are hanging out in Canada, Russian subs off both coasts, and a President who tells our military to Stand Down and commits treason by allowing all our defenses to be known by the enemy. And we just pretend all is well. Read Jeremiah, The hour of God’s Judgement is coming to America and her church first. Pls understand the lateness of the hour.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.
Maranatha, Casey Connolly

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“We have made clear that providing material support to Russia or assistance with any kind of systemic sanctions evasion would be a very serious concern for us. We will certainly continue to make clear to the Chinese government and the companies and banks in their jurisdiction about what the rules are regarding our sanctions and the serious consequences they would face for violating them.”

Soooo, don’t do as we do, do as we say.

I couldn’t agree more. The hour is drawing near. Get on your gospel armor!

Welcome aboard Casey!

Another good read for where we are is Deuteronomy. 28.

When counting on your hands all the things we are doing wrong to receive the curses and rebuke, you run out of fingers and have to start using your toes.