Ben & Jerry’s virtue signals on the 4th

I’ve never bought there ice cream and never will.

How can someone, a company, have the audacity to make such a statement on July 4th. A company that has buildings on “stolen land,” a company that’s profited handsomely from this “stolen land.”

I highly doubt they’re going to give it all away, so, it’s more BS from the radical left. If they really cared, they’d give it all away to the Indians. The same Indians who spent their years fighting, killing, and stealing land from each other.

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I guess we could throw in Manhattan island too.

Ben & Jerry’s are total hypocrites!

I don’t know if y’all caught the updates on this one, but…


Yep I saw that. :rofl: It’s such a joke watching these headlines. It’s like we are reading comic strips!
Funny things is I remember something about Ben & Jerry’s from a few years ago as well. So, just like Target, people will soon forget and start buying it again. I hope not, but I do believe history will repeat itself here as well.