Be Swift To Hear, Slow To Speak, Slow To Wrath

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The Bible tells us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. That’s actually a three step program to keep you from losing your cool.


I love that verse and try to live by it the best I can. We all need to practice this with everyone…including the online social media BS.
BUT…I had to do some digging! :rofl: In the article, it says “quick” instead of “swift”. I typically relate “quick” to life or living. THEN I realized that the link to the verse in the article is from the KJV 1900 and not the 1611. And after all of that, I saw the title of the article uses “swift”. I like digging!

I’m with you, it’s definitely easy to get wound up over world events today, but, cooler heads prevail, and verses like this are that little reminder.

Yeah, I said “quick” instead of “swift” at times, it’s more common these days. Don’t ask how I can be so certain. :neutral_face:

The verse I used is actually from the KJV 1611, all my KJV Bibles read the same way. Here’s an interesting bit, this is the actual 1611 KJV Bible, including it’s text, spelling and punctuation. Yeah, that’s a fun read!

This is an example of James 1:19 in old English (1611) compared to modern English (1769)

KJV 1611:
Wherefore my beloued brethren, let euery man bee swift to heare, slow to speake, slow to wrath.


KJV 1769:
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

While many of today’s KJV Bibles say Authorized Version of 1611, that doesn’t mean it’s the actual to the letter text. It just means, the book you have is based off the 1611 text. However, in 1769, spelling, punctuation, and even some words were changed. So pretty much everyone’s KJV Bible today is based on the 1769 KJV. If not, we would be reading that old English as cited in the first quote. Side by side comparison.

We have to remember, in 1611, the English language was not yet standardized, think no dictionary, nor consensus on spelling, etc. All of that did not come until later. So the update in 1769 was severely needed and has done us all a great service.

For more on this, go to section “1769 Deluxe Oxford Standardized Revision of the 1611 King James Bible Compiled by Dr. Benjamin Blayney” on that link.

Fun facts you can’t live without! :smile:

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YES! Trying to read that would not be easy at all. I’m thankful for the revised edition. And I’m also thankful for the Strong’s. I would be lost without them.

I use Bullinger’s Companion Bible which I really like. If I get stuck, I can always see what he says about it and then pray about it as well. But one thing I really love is when I’m reading the bible and the words just seem to flow…and it all makes sense. Granted, there are days that I read and that doesn’t happen…but what a feeling I get - like the spirit is actually guiding me. Not sure if that makes sense or not…

I just dug out a book not too long ago that I actually had for years but never read. It’s How To Enjoy The Bible by Bullinger. It is really interesting - he points out where he believes they put in the wrong punctuation or wrong words. It also goes into the expressions they used back then. I still haven’t read the whole thing, but it was eye opening to say the least.

With that said, now you give me another link that I’ll be looking into! Too much to do!! :laughing:

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Amen, until a person learns that, they will buy a lot of misery. people who speak before thought, lash out at opposition and refuses correction is reporting to all he meets, 'I am a fool.

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