Baptize The Trannies Says The Vatican And The Biblical Past

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The church isn’t crumbling, it’s crumbled. If churches aren’t busy closing up shop, the ones remaining are teaching perversion and filth. Not all and absolute of course, but my friends, organized Christianity is in dire straights. The latest comes from the largest denomination in the world, the Catholic church. So what happened? Baptize The Homosexuals:…


What ol’Martin was really saying is 'This will allow us to maintain our flailing finances and increase our dwindling attendance. After all, that ‘is’ our primary objective during these unstable times. Now Let us pray … [to something or someone] Sorry to anyone who might find that offensive. But ‘I’ am very offended when my Lord and savior is mocked. Especially in his name.


This is what and why I tell people who say we are too religious, being a Christian in not being religious, it is a reality whether you are, or you are not. I can be religious about golf, tv, anything.

Maybe baptizing them wouldn’t be so bad if each dunk was a minimum of 5 minutes. (Did I really say that) Their ceremony means nothing.


It’s an abomination, period.


Attorney General Calls Out Biden Admin Plan That Would Effectively Ban Christians From Fostering Children.

A proposed rule by the Biden administration that would require foster parents to adhere to a child’s chosen gender identity, potentially excluding faithful Christian families, has come under major criticism.

Republican attorneys general have criticized the proposal, arguing it violates religious freedom and would harm the foster care system.

Our Father is a consuming fire.
It’s coming and the sooner the better.

This makes me wanna make an image where Jesus has all the false idols under his feet. So tired of the disrespect to Our Father n Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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It does not surprize me in the least bit. This is not the first time nor the last, these things must come to pass.
We are taught to hate the sin, not the sinner. All are called and few are chosen. One verse that stands out to me is, depart from me, i do not know you, are you luke warm? We can not worship two Gods. We can not have one foot following jesus and the other following the world. It is important to remember we are ALL sinners and fall short OF the glory of god. Do not judge lest you be judged. Lead by example, im exhausted listening to professed christians talk about others with such hate and judgement. Yes, sadly most churches are not places of worship but corporations. Its all about the money. All roads lead to Rome. Follow the money. Catholics are not bad people and some may make it to heaven. Its the teachers, the leaders that will pay for leading his flock astray.
I was engaged to be married. My fiance was Catholic and wanted to be married in the Catholic church. I agreed to study and attend catechism classes. I brought my bible to every class. Not once was it opened. No one else even brought a bible. We were given print outs from some Catholic book i believe. I am convinced that Pope Francis is the anti-christ, or one of the anti-christ. I felt no presences of my savoir in that place. Needless to say i am not married. You know even if its just two people sitting together studying the bible thats exactly what church is. You need no corporation to attend to, a place to donate your money. What about tithes you say?, well i believe when you buy that homeless person a pair of shoes, or when you pay for a persons grocerys behind you in line, or teach kids a skill for free, or donate that jacket or the next time you’re asked to loan a person money you tell them, just pay it forward, thats tithing. That’s being a believer. Many like to appear to be christian, they like to seen being or doing the right thing among the people in their communities. Which one are you? Are you truly practicing unconditonal love? Are you truly giving forgivness, are you that person? We shall become better judges of our own short commings, become better critics of our own actions. Give that drunk bum a buck, so what we all know what hes trying to get money for! I mean if you truly are trying to be like christ, walk in his ways, then dont be so quick to shake your head at that drunk begging. Did you over eat? Did you exercise to exhaustion because of your vanity and obsession to have that perfect body? To avoid dealing with your depressed partner do you often work late? Or Dare I say seek attention from another? You see we all have our dirty habits or addictions. You ever stop and think what happened to that tranny when they were young? What life events made them so confused? My point here i guess is No one truly knows what the truth is until physical death. Its important to remember that no acts or services buy you in to heaven. You cant earn your way into heaven. So i ask all who read this, what is your truth? Have you ever considered the belief of “the law of attraction?” Manifestation? Why is it so hard to believe that if you can concieve it, you can achieve it. Isn’t that the very definiton of faith? Oh you of little faith, if you only had the faith of a mustard seed you could move moutains!! How amazing is that! GOD SAYS IT TO BE SO and it was so. You are the creator of your reality. Imagine, believe even, we are the director’s and the actors of our lives. What you say to yourself daily is what you attract, therfore you make it so. God created us as divine creatures, he wants us to have all we ever dreamed of, really its already yours, you only have to believe you deserve it, believe that yes the almighty god can do it. We must stop poisoning ourselves with all the indoctrination thats being steadily pumped into our spirits. If you have read this far i thank you whole heartedly for your time and attention. Just wanted to share a piece of my perspective.

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Christy, I think we all know the ‘truth’ in our hearts. We all know in our hearts what is ugly, perverse, unseemly, dishonest, or unjust. But do we embrace it? Or reject it, when it stands in the way of our lust for fleshly desires, greed, jealousy, hate, revenge? When we choose to reject it, we all know full well that it’s wrong in our hearts before we act.

I agree that tithing a new pair of shoes or a coat ‘sincerely’ with love and compassion to a child is worth more than a $5000.00 placed in an offering plate. If we were to buy them a complete wardrobe to win favor of our peers ‘personal gain’ it is cankered and worthless because it is a lie.

Check out the ‘shim’ standing by the picture. Ain’t that a dandy? OMG.

I think you are right about the people at first. I think over time, denying the truth, they become so calloused, hearts hardened, they really believe the evilness they portray is right and just. It is almost as if their soul turns so black, it is normal to them.

You can see it in their eyes during the mob mentality when they are challenged with the truth.
I relate this to after Satan is released from the pit, most of the world sides with him to defeat Christ and the saints. Why? They are self-centered, entitled, just evil at the core not wanting to follow any rules.

I agree with that. their shame turns to hate.
they despise God and goodness because both constantly convict them. So they hate and mock both in an attempt to justify their evil ways. But I still say, in their hearts they ‘know’ the truth and that there ‘will’ be a day of reckoning.

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“…under the same conditions as other believers…”

Do you no understand what that statement means?

The conditions are reflected in scripture.

We ALL sin. All of us; however, because Yeshua was Crucified, died in our place, we can be forgiven through him.

THEN we are directed, in scripture, after repentance, to turn from that sin, and sin no more. LGBTQ+ can ask for, and receive forgiveness, and be Baptized.

We are to try, work as hard as we can NOT to fall back into that sin, if we do, we can ask for and receive forgiveness through Yeshua Hamaschiac/Jesus the Chirst. God’s forgiveness through Christ is not a license to habitually commit the same sin, then ask for forgiveness.

On the other hand, Christian Churches should not bless same sex marrige, they should not have practicing LGBTQ+ people as Pastors, Teachers, Leaders in Christian Churches. They should not subject people, especially kids, to exposure to practicing LGBTQ+ people within the Church.

The US government should not allow practicing LGBTQ+ people to serve openly in any capacity, neither should any Christian church.

Dont force a perverted lifestyle onto the Church or any US Citizen.