Baby It’s Cold Outside! 🥶

It’s 5 outside right now! How are ya’ll holding up with this storm coming through? We were on road the last two days leaving cold Indiana behind… well… its still cold but at least we are off the road! Anyone traveling for Christmas?

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Hi, I live in Spain, here it’s not too cold. But I’ve broken my right knee, I needed surgery and all, so maybe this makes the temp equal to yours… Hahah
Merry Christmas!

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Oh my! What happened? Merry Christmas !

I was at work, it was raining and I fell over my right knee. I even was not able to put my arms. Go figure. All the weight over my right knee. It broke in 8 pieces.

Ouch! How long is the recovery time?

Yikes, sorry to hear about that buddy. Prayers for a quick recovery.

P.S. Milk that injury for everything it’s worth with the wife! :grin:

Thank you maybe three months, maybe more.

Heard, heard, thanks master.

Last night we had -36 wind chills. :cold_face: I’m am so looking forward to Sunday when we should have a high of 6 degrees and 15 mph winds!! And I’ll guarantee you, there will be people here in Wisc wearing shorts. :sun_with_face: (not me, but yes, it is going to be wonderful!)

THEN…later in the week we are gonna hit 40 and will be raining!!! :hot_face: THAT is not normal for us at this time…but you know…climate change. :sunglasses:

We are celebrating Christmas on Monday…I’m hosting, so I’m guessing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I will still be cleaning and organizing! :upside_down_face:


Oh man…prayers for healing!!! That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

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My brother lives in Carmel. I texted him and told him to call me when his teeth stop chattering.

Where the heck is carmel? i take it is cold there?

:joy: :rofl: I had to look it up and I’m assuming that it’s in Indiana, not the one in California.

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that’s what i was thinking, that it was in california, which is warm!

We have you beat for sunday weather, it suppose to be 19 degrees today (christmas) then the temperatures start go up, until next sunday it will be 57 degrees and raining, its going to be a heat wave for sure.

I woke this morning with only 15 mph winds and not constant wind either. Still won’t hit double digits, but hey…I’ll take it!

And lucky you with the 57!!! From what I see, it looks like we won’t hit 50, but low 40’s later this week. Hope we don’t get much rain as it will have no where to go!

Merry Christmas @Gwen !!

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Merry Christmas KAY!!!

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