Aussies are losing Jesus

According to Australia’s latest census,

Almost 44% of the respondents said they were Christian in 2021, and almost 39% said they were not religious. Looking at the trend – these numbers were 61% and 22%, respectively, a mere decade earlier – it is clear that Christians are on their way to becoming a minority.

Can you believe that?

Anywhere Western influence takes hold, Christianity is booted from society.

Imagine that, but hey, we’re the good guys.

In another decade, I imagine less than 25% of the population will call themselves “Christian.”

Diversity and inclusiveness have been used as a steppingstone in an attempt to have Christianity to appear as racial and discriminatory and it worked. The enemy never comes directly at you, it is with the shroud of good intentions which always starts with a lie.

We view them as misguided people with bad ideas, they view us a bad people.

That’s exactly right. Satan always goes straight for the heart - the soul. Look at covid - we need to keep people safe, don’t you care about your loved ones? Look at healthcare - You have to take your children for wellness checks, don’t you care about them? Look at schools - You have to send your children to an institution for education (aka - indoctrination), don’t you love them and want them to have a good life? I could go on…but I’ll stop.