As The World Falls Apart, Remember...

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As the world falls further away from God, it becomes that much closer to Satan. There is a great divide separating us from friends, family, and even Christians.


My daughter and i enjoy your articles and website so much! Thanks for all the work you put into it! I don’t post much but please know we are AVID readers of it and it has helped me understanding Revelation. I pray to the Lord for discernment and boy, a tsunami of knowledge seems to follow shortly after!
This particular article really hit home. As i take God’s command of coming out of Babylon and remaining unstained from this world seriously (Rev 18:4), i’ve come face to face with my own mom. It broke my heart when i had to ask her, as graciously as possible not to come to my home since she practices some weird reiki “cleansing” ceremonies. She is also Catholic and follows some weird mix of Asian pagan beleiefs. I’ve shared the Gospel with her, gifted her a Bible in her maternal language, quote and explain scripture to her. She went through the hostile stage where she even made fun of me with my siblings, who are atheists. Then she downright told me "i know what you believe is right and i respect it. However i like my beliefs of choice, won’t stop practicing my “cleaning” ceremonies and ask you to respect it, too. If that means you won’t host me at your home then so be it ". BAM! From the woman that gave birth to me.that hurt!..the saddest part is that she thinks it is her choice. It seems to me she may be under judgment for her rebellion after being shown God’s truth. And God is giving her over to her own desires (Psalm 81:12). Yikes! So, i told her i love her and will honor her as my mom, as God commands. However the first commandment will always override the 5th: God is my one and only. I won’t compromise for NOBODY. It was painful at first, but God has granted peace to me (Luke 14:26). I’ve wondered if Abraham felt similarly when he left his idolatrous family of origin…his father Terah was the Chief idol maker in town, imagine that! And by the time he moved away Abraham was well advanced in age already. Reading more about him in the Bible has helped me cope and stand strong. I pray for my mom and siblings to come to His light if that’s God’s will. In the meantime, i’ve had to also keep “well meaning” in-laws at bay. They are mainstream Christians who think nothing of pagan traditions of men (Mark 7:8). You’d think i was trying to turn them into jihad terrorists and i probably would be more successful at attempting that than sharing God’s word with them. The God of their imaginations and traditions is not to be messed with. They say i’m a radical fanatic, so be it. Worldly people truly are the walking dead. I have God and a small but committed home church brethren. I thank The Lord for instituting the home assembly of believers. I left the corporate, lost church system a long time ago. Being Brethren through the blood of Jesus trumps earthly blood ties. I thank The Lord for that!
My website if you feel inclined to check it out is tiny(dot)cc/777YW.

Maranatha, brother!
Your sister in The Lord,

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That’s because bad news sells more tickets than good news always has. reading gossip is more interesting than reading the gospel.
A very old saying ‘bad news travels fast’ is absolutely true.
people rush with excitement to watch a house burn down, but hardly notice a house being built. A ‘friend’ might forget to give you an important message, But he or she wont forget to tell you and the whole town that your wife was seen with another man. And that same ‘friend’ will be disappointed to find out that the ‘other man’ was her visiting brother. Human nature. I’m thinking more and more that the answer to the question, 'what is life all about? Is to conquer your human nature. It’s ungodly.