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I was wondering if it’s possible to put a link of some sort at the end of your articles that are in the community so we can get back to the “reply” area if you have a question or comment regarding that article. (So did that make any sense?? :wink: )

Example: You provided a link to the “What Does 10 Days Mean In Revelation 2:10?” in a recent comment on the “What is the unforgivable sin” article. You mentioned to that if there were questions/comments on the linked article you should address them where that article was posted. When you click on that article to read it, it’s hard to go back to find where to comment on that article. I did a community search to find where I could comment. (boy…I sure hope this makes sense…) I was wondering if you could put a link at the bottom of the articles that are in the community site to take you back to this page:

It made perfect sense Kay.

That already exists actually, let me show you on an article.

Just under the title, you should see the comment count. Note the red box around the comment count in the image below. If there are no comments, it just says “Comment.”

Now, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see this.

Note the red box again, it’ll display the number of comments if there are any. If not, it’ll say, “Start the discussion in the community!”

You’re probably just so used to the page you looked right past it. I could potentially move the button/make a change to have the button just at the end. I’m undecided on that one, have been for awhile. :smile:

Hope that helps!

Yep…you’re right. I have a habit of overlooking things. Maybe you need to make a NEON BRIGHT button!! :rofl: (Actually…you might get more involvement if you did! :wink: :wink: ) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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How about neon and flashing? :grin:

Maybe I’ll run an experiment…

Love experiments!!! :smiley:

So, it’s logical that this article is NOT published in the community, correct?

You got it!

With time, more and more articles will be. Since my blog has been around since 2009, and the forum is not even a year old. It’ll take some time. I didn’t want to import everything over and overwhelm everyone with the initial forum launch.

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The experiment continues…

People are using the big comment button, but I decided to make a change anyway, per your thoughts…

Here’s the new comment button layout. Right at the end of an article, readers will see the dark gray button. Click it, and it’ll bring you right to the forum discussion for that article. :+1:t3:

Thanks for the feedback.

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