Are You Getting Pulled Into Israel-Hamas War Propaganda?

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There’s a very dangerous narrative being set before the world right now. People the world over are reacting to images and reports about the Israeli-Hamas war. They are reacting without having the full story. This molds the publics perception to the thinking of the government and media. You want to ensure you don’t fall into…


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You nailed it brother.

Thanks for a voice of “reason”.

I’m sorry brother. I don’t like jews but I like muslims even less. And I don’t like seeing Jerusalem conquered by Muslims. Because I think there are Christian people there right now. And the jews who hate Jesus will have their recompense. I’m not being impartial right now. But hey, it’s just me.

Thank you for this post - once again. Very informative and I’m sure you spent a great deal of time on it. (I figured that’s why you were kind of quiet yesterday…)

Because you’re not being told to care about those conflicts and troubles.

You’re only told to be concerned about Ukraine and Israel.

AMEN to that statement right there!

Curious if you ever watched the documentary by Oliver Stone entitled “Ukraine on Fire”. It tells you another side of the story of the color revolution that happened in Ukraine in 2014…sponsored by the good ole US of A. It’s on Rumble, just search Ukraine on Fire.

I respect your opinion and respect that you felt comfortable enough saying it here. God bless!!!

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At work the other day they had on fox news. I don’t watch any of that garbage mainstream on my own but if others put it on I’ll watch to see the lies. In the bottom right corner it was showing marines with DCUs on ( uniforms for military deployed to middle east after 9 11) im like that’s weird. Then i look closer and it says fallujah iraq 2004 lol. I’m like that’s 20 years ago in iraq why are the even showing that. My experience in israel in 2019 was there are pretty much no Christians there. Only saw 2 Christian churches. Its all Muslim and jews really. Everyone was super nice to us , more nicer than ppl here in America :man_shrugging:

My thoughts are question everything
The media lies
Hollywood tells the truth in movies and shows
So if they are shoving something down My throat as truth im pretty much gonna research the other side to see why are they so adamant about hey Listen to us this is the real truth.


Agreed. Remember the Kenites run Jerusalem basically. I look for the ramping up to come quick. Netanyahu is calling for a Unity of Governments. To me its the start of the 1 world political system which will end with a deadly wound. With 5 clay kings already in the Abrahamic Accords i wonder if the will soon acquire 5 more or the Unity of Government will be 10 clay kings instituted by Netanyahu. A thought. Thanks brother.

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I try to take all the info with a grain of salt. My anger goes up when I see the innocent involved, on both sides. Terrorism should not be tolerated no matter who or where they reside. Every faction comes out when these things happen and away we go.

People need to be held accountable, but you don’t use a blanket to punish a particular person or entity. When our nation gets involved, we usually cause more harm than good.

If we had respectful leaders in this world, these things would be abolished.

Also wherever you get your news is also not to be trusted. I dont put any mind to any news. I only trust what the word of God says. You even write an article on how not to trust the media.


Rodrigo, sir. a lot of people feel the same way as you on this subject, ’ including me. Please don’t apologize for your opinions. In the windup it is my opinion [take it or leave it] that each and everyone of us, being men and sitting at the head of the table. We will be held accountable for the spiritual and physical well being of our family and even the animals that we were blessed with to help us survive on our journey. Being burdened with that responsibility, I will confer with other ‘men’ and, listen to correction of other ‘men’ and weigh it against God’s word and what I feel in my heart and my own ‘hands on’ life experiences. Then ‘I’ will decide, knowing that the advice or correction extended by other mortal men, that they will bear no consequence of the results.


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Thank you very much for your insight.
Very good thoughts.
God bless you

The K’s are dead and gone.

I too have been watching events unfold. My news sources are not what most people watch, and i am aware their are lies and swayings. I found it odd that anybody would be able to get into Israel unanounced. Th8s made me think it was a setup to justify bombing Palestine, or maybe get Iran and the USA involved. I have no control over any of it, so i find myself focusing on what i can control…myself and my life, with Gods help and blessings. I have been prepping for a few years now, and recently stepped that up. I dont buy into the lies, but i do know we have some hard times coming here in America. I watch for prophecy to unfold and think we live in exciting times.

Vanity can but destroy, doom awaits them. They spin gorgeously on the cliff and jubilate but their goal will cherish anguish.

Excellent article, Brandon.

This whole Israel, Hamas, Iran thing just doesn’t feel right. There seems to be more going on behind the scene with so much misinformation, opinions, narratives, propoganda and mixed-agendas in the midst that it’s confusing. It appears the powers and principalities are manipulating every step and countries are responding frenetically as if looking for a reason to instigate the chaos to justify going to war. The global economy is a man-made mess. World leaders are acting immaturely and seem to only have their personal interests in mind. And there is rampant spiritual and moral depravity increasing throughout the world leaving many people with a spirit of fear, hate, and hopelessness.

I’m just thankful that Father is in control. It is He, and only He who gives us solace.