Are We On The Brink Of World War 3?

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You cannot help but wonder if the world is tittering on the brink of world war 3. The war in Ukraine is not abating, but escalating with all sides continuing to raise the stakes. At this point, we’ve all become numb to the conflict, but what’s transpiring was once unimaginable. NATO is in a soft…

Wow! That is PACKED with information!! I appreciate that article more than you know and I’ll be sharing it with a few friends of mine and on FB. I pray that many on my friends list will give it a good read. People need to start waking up to what is really going on.

2 Timothy 1:7

Joshua 1:9

I am meditating on these verses.

Step by step they are setting the stage for the 1st beast system.

Hello Brandon, are you saying there could be a WW3? Really? I mean I was always taught peace is what we are to be looking for in prophecy. I speak of a false peace, brought on by appearance of Anti Christ. (When they cry peace - sudden destruction).
So you’re saying we may actually have a WW3 which may bring him down? Please clarify as best as you can as I have always believed this wasnt going to happen. I dont know anymore what to think I guess. Time tells the prophecy tale. Thank you for your articles.

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I believe this will be what brings on the full blown one world system. It’s another step towards it and I believe it will continue to move along faster and faster…just as it is written. Right as the shite is hitting the fan, satan will show up. Lot’s of things have to happen first, but it’s all going according to plan. God’s plan!

I firmly believe we should stop funding this war in Ukraine. We have to quit sticking or noses in all these conflicts around the world and take care of our own.

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Ginger, welcome!

I’m saying the world is a very uncertain place. After Covid, nothing surprises me. Before Covid, the world, governments seemed pretty much in line. Apparently, they were less in line than we imagined.

From what we are seeing today, it’s certain, the West is at war with Russia. In some articles I wrote at the beginning of this conflict with Russia, I pointed out how they are not for the woke ideology, this perversion we see everywhere.

No one doubts, the new global order will be immersed in perversion, and Russia as an example of one nation, is not okay with it, and, they’re still a big power. So in order to bring them inline, the West needs to either take over or bring Russia into the fold.

That’s all pretty much publically stated from the West and Russia, in so many words.

So, it makes you wonder…

Right now, we’re in a soft world war. All of NATO is funding Ukraine’s fight against Russia. That is definitely a form of world war, so we’re already there, just not how everyone always imagines it.

Personally, I see this whole conflict as another element of the new global order that is emerging. It’s one more piece in the puzzle. There can be no global order until there is unification. Right now, it’s the West’s way or the highway.

I said before 2020, this new decade will be an interesting one. She’s certainly not letting us down.

I’ll say, the Bible does say there will be a global order before the arrival of the Antichrist. Yet, that global order will break via a deadly wound as recorded in Revelation. As we are witnessing, it’s easy to see how a “unified” world can be so easily fractured.

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These are definitely scary times. I don’t know why, but the song below popped into my head as I was reading. It’s a satirical song from a different time; I remember, as a kid, having bombing drills in school around the time this song was popular. This is the verse that I recalled: “But we may be tranquil and thankful and proud – for man’s been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud – and we know for certain that some lovely day – someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away.”

(1959, less than 2 minutes.)

The Merry Little Minuet THE KINGSTON TRIO (with lyrics) - YouTube