Are We In The Early Stages Of Gog And Magog In Israel’s War?

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The raging war between Israel and Hamas has the world abuzz. It’s not just the secular world, it’s specifically the Christian world. Pastors are full of glee as they energize their flock with messages about the imminent return of Jesus. These famous Christian leaders are telling us, the events in Israel signify prophetic events. But…


I can’t wait to read part 2. :+1:


Looking forward to Gods chosen people article


Eze 37:14 And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the LORD have spoken it, and performed it, saith the LORD.

Eze 39:29 Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.

If this happened in 1948, It would appear the Lord poured the wrong pitcher knowing what they follow and believe. Doubtful.
Also, since He created everything, His geographical knowledge would be strong enough that He didn’t pour it out on the wrong place.


Good read, If I warn you of a low branch on the bike trail ahead it’s a courtesy, not a responsibility. On the other hand, I may tell you there is a low limb ahead, only to distract you for some other reason that may not be in your best interest.

Brandon, I disagree with you on the subject of Israel and Hamas. I am not saying that the residents of Israel are God’s chosen people, what I do say is that any group of people have the right to defend themselves. I do not believe that Israel should stand back and allow terrorists to kill innocent civilians without reprisals. Israel is aware that the whole world (especially the Arab world) is watching them. I believe that they are doing what they can to minimize civilian casualties, but remember that Gazans elected Hamas to represent them.

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There have been other nations, peoples, that have brought in a person or party to fix their problems. And it turned out bad.

For the record, the majority didn’t vote for Hamas. The way the system is set up, and I am not an expert by any means, 44% voted for Hamas in 2006. Keep in mind the Israelis broke the agreement set up by the UN when they received their area in 1948.

After doing some looking into both sides, the “Palestinian people” were fed up with the representation they were receiving from the governing party they had, Fatah.
They were also fed up with the poor treatment they were receiving from the Israelis. They were almost prisoners in their small, occupied area. They were not recognized as their own, they just existed within the boundaries that Israel set on them.

So, what did they do? Along comes someone who says they will fix all their problems, maybe sweet talks them, etc. Did that ever happen here? This seemed like an option to less than half of them. Also, Israel basically supported the change because they were tired of the PLO and Arafat. Israel wants to play the bully, but when someone swings back, they cry foul.

What if some Vietnamese came and bombed your house and family? They claim they were just defending themselves. How about Afghanistan? Just because some radicals do bad things to a people, doesn’t mean you can kill innocent civilians and have your military general say, that is just war. Remember, we were the bully many times.

I am just thankful when more than 44% of the people choose the one who says he will fix all our problems and sweet talks his way in, that the true fixer upper, Christ, will not bomb the innocent bystanders, true Christians, along with the radicals.

Fabulous job Brandon! Truth be told bro!:pray::+1::point_up_2::fist::grin:
There is this evil apon evil in this episode of war in which I really have NO support for either side as a Christian! For neither side is christian! It is my focus as to how this relates to scripture, eschatologically speaking. And for wars and rumors of war! It’s just not their as biblical literacy would factually accept as you have stated! Traditions of man always jump forward in ignorance of actuality! Look forward to your sequel! :pray::index_pointing_at_the_viewer::+1::point_up_2::facepunch::grin:

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Great read! But I’m not a fan of cliff hangers. FRIDAY!? Just kidding of course…and I’m sure you are just teaching us patience.

Thanks again for all your time and effort you put forth for us. Many blessings to you and yours!

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I have to say, without a shadow of a doubt that brother Brandon is gifted and is guiding us, like no other. I’ve read those pastors too. Always lead to inconsistencies. With all due respect. They have pretty good insights.
But, Brandon always sounds right to me (fact checked).
Fully agree brother.
It is just it will be very interesting if these wrongs were true… Because we will be closer to Our Lord arrival. What a joy

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Veronica, I agree regardless of who they are , anyone has a right to protect themselves. However the notion that the Christian world must protect Israel at all cost out of false belief, deception. The whole world could be pulled into a war because of something they believe in. the real tragedy is, if it was done in vain. [for a lie] So many times in real life situations a man might go after another fully intent on killing him for harming is precious little brother. Only to find out in the end that his little brother wasn’t so precious. Happens every day. I understand what Brandon is saying, look at things for what they really are, know the facts before we rush in. My whole life I’ve been confused about the Jews. when I watched the passion, when I read the gospels. If they are Godly men? why do they want to kill his son who brings peace and truth? I’ve learned a lot in the last couple months. Still do not fully understand the whole picture.

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Kevin, I don’t think the United States should be helping Israel because they are supposedly “God’s Chosen people “. I believe we should support them because they are fighting radical Islamists. These people (Hamas) don’t just want the Jewish people gone, they also want Christians gone. I truly wonder how many have crossed our open border within the last two years. I don’t look at this issue through the eyes of religion. (Isn’t it nice to be able to discuss our opinions without nastiness)

I agree with that point of view 100% Veronica

Veronica, welcome to the community, it’s great to see you here!

I agree with your statement, people have a right to defend themselves.

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If my previous post came across as nasty, I apologize, that was not the intent.
Years ago, it was easy for me to paint with a broad stroke a group of people due to some of them. Over the years, seeing examples of what and why, things became clearer.

I think you just described most of us brother. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Thanks for bringing in and hanging tuff on this subject. Neither side is Christian, and both Isrealie and America have been poking Islam for long time. The Kenite uses the lie of God’s chosen people to mould America and pervert her Christian roots, her real Isreal roots. It’s how Satan comes up with a small people.

You should reread Revelations with understanding concerning the horses and horsemen, as well as look deeper into who Gog and Magog actually are.

Yeshua returns riding a horse with a sword in his hand, i.e. the sword of truth. The antichrist appears before Christ returns, with a Bow. The scripture is speaking of Satan’s Locust Army being defeated by Christ. If you will look at a US map, you will find the Valley of Hamongog is located in the USA. There are two battles, Armageddon and Hamongog.

You get a lot correct, but you’re very wrong concerning this. Understanding Metaphors/Symbolism is very important when studying prophecy.

The Christian countries/nations of today are the so called “lost” 10 tribes, Israel. Europe, the USA, Canada, etc are Israel, not Judah/Benjamin, but Israel. Israel WILL be attacked by Russia. God will fight the Battle and it wont last 5 minutes.

Jeremiah 24 describes the two Baskets of figs in the geographical land of Israel, today. There are fake Jews there (Rev 2:9 & 3:9) and there are the true offspring of Judah there today.

The parable of the fig tree describes the fake Jews, Jesus cursing thr fig treexand it withering tells us he is referring to a specific people, i.e. fake Jews. In the parable of the Tares, the Tares are the offspring of the devil. Jesus calls them out in the Gospels, identifying who their father really is, i.e. the devil. Do not spiritualize his words. These are flesh offspring.

Just as their father Cain, thechave been fugitives and Vagabonds in the earth, i.e. no home, kicked out of 109 countries. The LAND of Israel is the fig tree. It declared itself a nation on May 14, 1948.

Jerusalem is compassed by armies today. Do I know when the antichrist will appear? No, but we are given the signs to beable to know the season, i.e. as Jesus said, when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies know that the desolation thereof is near, even at the door.

The antichrist is the Desolaytor, spoken of by Daniel and by Jesus. We are very close to that happening. When? I dont know. Im watching prophecy being fulfilled almost daily. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21.

Hi William,
It sounds like you have done a lot of studying. We have that in common, I’ve also studied for decades, in fact it was through my research that I found this site. I came here strongly believing in much of what you are saying but at the same time I tried to keep an open mind. I’m not easily persuaded; it takes good strong documentation from the bible and the manuscripts to change my mind. However, my mind has been has changed on certain things after reading some of studies on this site. Brandon covers most of the topics you mentioned so you might enjoy reading them, I know I did. He always does an excellent job of documenting his topics. Thanks for posting.

Have a Happy New Year!

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