Are There Prophets That Have Dreams And Visions?

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I have a question for you regarding prophets. Are there prophets in today’s world that receive premonitions, visions, and dreams?


God is the same yesterday today and forever. He’s that same God. He does not change. He is a miracle working God. If he performed miracles then, why wouldn’t he now? In the bible days he used the men of old, in our generation he is going to use us. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those that are complete in him fully mature in him. Revisit Acts 2:17-18. Isaiah 8:18. Ask the Lord for accurate understanding of these scriptures and all scriptures. Be very careful when handling Gods holy word. With all due respect. God bless you -


Amen, LeDawn! I couldn’t agree more. Our Father has told us all things in His Word. That’s all we need.

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That was a good question and great answer. I had a friend introduce me to a man from her church and she called him prophet Anthony, I wouldn’t call him prophet, just “Anthony “and he told me I need to address him as prophet Anthony so I said “ no Anthony all the prophets I’m aware of are with our Heavenly Father” he gave me the most evil look… well we aren’t friends anymore , she said I was disrespectful to God…go figure!! lol oh well :woman_shrugging:t5:


Preacher man talkin on TV, run’in down rock and roll, wants me to send a donation cause he’s worried about my soul. He said Jesus walked on the water, 'heck I know that is true. But sometimes I think that preacher man wants to da a little walking too.

Charlie Daniels [long haired country boy]


The way I read Joel 2 and its topic, is the return of the Lord. There are many other things that we are told will happen which have not been so. Then, Joel 2:28.

To me, the event in Acts signifies and shows the arrival of the Holy Spirit after the glorification of Christ. This was told to them beforehand.

I would think the next big event, regarding the Holy Spirit, would be the delivering up, and the things said would tend to be the final warnings of what is coming along with the 2 witnesses.

What has anyone in the last 50 years spoken, considered prophecy, to tell us of anything we can’t read for ourselves. As time moves forward, we discern more things due to seeing the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

If someone knows of such prophecy, not a person’s interpretation of said scripture, it should behoove them to make a list of the events and post it here and it would be greatly appreciated.


Dang! Snowman. Spoken like well qualified trial lawyer.


You handled that one perfectly!

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I was just listening to Charlie Daniels last night— The Devil Went Down to Georgia. The poor old devil lost his golden fiddle. :grin:

Here are some other lyrics that came to mind, along this same theme. They are from a song written by Joe South in the mid-1960’s. You may remember it, it’s called “Games People Play”.

People walkin’ up to you, Singin’ Glory Hallelujah! And they’re try’n’ to sock it to you.
In the name of the Lord. They gonna teach you how to meditate, read your horoscope,
Cheat your fate, and furthermore to hell with hate, Come on get on board. -----

Look around, tell me what you see, What’s happenin’ to you and me?
God grant me the serenity to remember who I am.
Cause you’re givin’ up your sanity, for your pride and your vanity, turn your back on humanity,
And you don’t give a da da da da -----

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Good one! yes I remember that song. So many great songs from the 60’s and early 70’s and very talented
music and song writers.

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