AP: Pakistan floods are a “climate catastrophe”

The AP called the Pakistan floods a “climate catastrophe”. They said 1k people died in the floods, that’s SINCE JUNE! Floods of 2010 were far worse.

Every time it rains, or doesn’t, it’s “climate change”. Propaganda! Say a prayer, these people need it.

when I first heard of ‘climate change’ I laughed. how dare some petty little mortal could be so arrogant to even imagine for a second they he or she actually suggest that Mankind is changing the
earths climate. Even more absurd is to boast that they can fix it. Of course that will require a whole lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ After their claim the polar ice caps and glaziers began to grow and we experience the record cold temps three years in a row. What happened? they changed the name from ‘Global warming’ to ‘Climate change’. That way, whatever happens with the weather it supports their cleaver scheme. the most perplexing thing of it all is the amount of people who bought it hook line and sinker. After all 'the worlds leading ‘experts’ all agree on it. Have you ever noticed that those world leading world experts have never been identified or their actual credentials. the only ones who have been publicly identified are the ones who strongly disagree with them. Of course you haven’t heard their names mentioned since, and wont.
I tell you what boy’s, start with the easy stuff first an eliminate tornados for just one season, and I’ll start to listen to you. Ecclesiastes 3;14 … I know that to be true in my heart.