Anyone want to guess why?

Hmmm… :thinking:

More than likely due to the massive “Locust Army” invading our country.
And them dad blasted Pole Kat :skunk: treasonous politicians doing nothing.

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maybe comes into play. As well, I would imagine the assault to immune systems with a “cant say” jabber, also comes into play.

All a part of satan’s web…

I think many of the “all of a sudden” rise in a variety of weird stuff, is due to the immune systems that took a hit with the vax. Our bodies can only handle so much insults before it catches everything except old age.

I remember my chiropractor showing me a AMA report, which was never released to the public go figure, that warned of the dire consequences of over usage of antibiotics. It stated that over usage of antibiotics (which i believe to some degree includes vaccines) not only lowers the bodies natural immune response but will create vaccine immune strains of diseases. Not sure if this factors at all in this issue but there it is.