Anyone else enjoying the drama in DC?

This is a working Republic for once with some folks standing up for what they believe in. Hannity’s argument is bogus. McCarthy needs 218, period. The establishment is mad he isn’t getting it and making excuses.

Meanwhile, people like Crenshaw and Gingrich are calling the 20 terrorists.

Crenshaw is apart of the WEF, anyone that’s a globalist im not a fan of!

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That’s all it is these days, drama and more drama. they are like a bunch of kids. don’t even pay attention to all this stuff anymore. and i sure don’t listen to hannity either, he is just as bad.


I LOVE IT. I Hope it continues for a long time. I also Love that not one of those 20 are listening to ego maniac trump.

Well, it did not take as long as I would have liked. AND apparently Trump did have something to do with the final vote to turn the last few toward Kevin,

The theater continues to entertain. I guess i will take my dog for a walk on the beach and live my life another day…

So…anybody hear the latest…John Bolton, the warmonger, is starting his campaign for the 2024 Presidential campaign.

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:grin: sounds about right.

So what’s 435 more matter?

On the political kick, here’s something from one feller. A guy cannot get excited when the Rs just voted in that spending bill and Biden’s gay rights deal months ago.

I was going to comment but could not stop throwing up listening to his BS.

I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I agree with @Cozar - I just want to puke listening to all this BS. It’s sad to think that people eat this stuff up and really think they are for the people.

I hear you, at the same time, I don’t think they are all out to get the people either. He said he doesn’t take donations from PACs, if that’s true, that’s a very good thing. If he was out to get the people, he would take donations from anyone he could get. Him and a few others holding out did lead to some positives, but we’re so far down the tubes right now it’s hard to see much positive.

Glad to hear that I will come out of my bunker. LOL
Just kidding.
However, he lost me when he voted in favor of red flag laws

Going back in my bunker now. :rofl:

They all throw us a bone from time to time just to persuade people that they are for the people.

Good example Cozar.

It’s why I can never get excited about anyone in politics. If they were all die hard Christians, we would have a lot less problems. Then we could argue about Baptists, Mormons, and Catholics! :grin:

Think it’ll go anywhere?