Antarctic ice shelf grows

The climate has been changing since the dawn of time.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.

…the Antarctic ice shelf area has grown by 5305 km2 since 2009

Our observations show that Antarctic ice shelves gained 661 Gt of ice mass over the past decade, whereas the steady-state approach would estimate substantial ice loss over the same period, demonstrating the importance of using time-variable calving flux observations to measure change. - TC - Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019

We all like pics…

  • Blue color =ice increase.
  • Red color = ice decrease.


hahahaha, I just love this. Rather than the earth warming up, maybe we have an impending
Ice age like the one that was predicted in the 60’s that never happened. I’m getting dizzy following the science.

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What we have now is science fiction. Sad that so many people follow it.

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In my short life, scientist’s have threatened me with one world ending disaster after another. Ice age, population explosion, famine, ozone depletion, sun will burn out, global warming, climate change, giant meteor collisions, tsunami’s, earth quakes, plagues, lions, tigers and bears. we are doomed, there is no hope, we are all going to die. The last one they got it right. Of course we already knew that though.

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