Americans will spend half their lives taking prescription drugs

You’re not going to believe this…

Recent estimates tell us that over 60 percent of U.S. adults take prescription drugs, and over 45 percent have taken a prescribed drug over the prior 30 days.


American males will be on prescription drugs for 48 percent of their lives. That percentage balloons to 60% for females. - Study Finds

This is true, I’ve seen countless studies on this.

True story…

When I worked as a Network Engineer, I sat in a back office area. I could hear the front end staff talking about health, talking about what med each one was taking. We had a mixed age group, young and older. Almost everyone was on some form of med, even the 20 year somethings.

I was shocked.

I popped out from the back and said, I couldn’t help but over hear you folks. I didn’t realize so many people were on pills. They said, aren’t you? I said no.

It’s madness.

As an FYI, I included this phenomena in my article:

yes, they are on pills (pharma). More of those drugged than there are drugged on street drugs. there is no healing much anymore. Instead of the truism “you are what you eat” (for the most part), we eat perverted foods and then take drugs to fix the “frankenfoods” (pharma laced “foods”).

True story…
When we had our son in brick and mortor school I was chatting with the other moms. Now mind you, I’m an “older” mom, so most of the other moms were 10-15 yrs younger than I. I sat there listening to all of these women talk about all the drugs they were on along with their children! But they all we just fine with it…people have been brainwashed into thinking the medical industry cares about them. Sure, there are medical workers that care for people, but they too do not think for themselves and justfollow along what the high and mighty “professionals” tell them. What a crock of :poop:!

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