Americans see nation in decline, worse than 50 years ago. What say you?

This from Pew

In contrast with their negative predictions for the country’s future, large shares of adults view the past in a more positive light than the present day. Around six-in-ten (58%) say that life in America is worse today than it was 50 years ago for people like them.

Here’s the details, what do you say?

I would agree with the 58%. However, if we get the right people in office my attitude might change. If the WEF crowd gets their way, then Jesus may get here before 2050 so we won’t have to worry about it.

This got me thinking; when it comes to the material things in life, we are light-years ahead of fifty years ago. But, the moral degradation that has happened in that same time is almost inconceivable. For instance the school I attended in the early sixties had a gun range in the basement; many schools at the time had rifle clubs, and hence had gun ranges. There were around 3000 students in the school where I graduated, my graduating class had 970 students and my older sister’s class had 1100. There were no locks on the doors of our school or anybody standing guard. We often brought our guns to school so we could go hunting after class. Fast forward: now I hear some schools have metal detectors and they are talking about arming teachers and putting armed guards in schools— what the hell happened!

Wait a minute; I just remembered— although it was banned in 1962, we still prayed in school.

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50 years ago I was 18, just graduated HS. Vietnam was about over, and life was good. Free and easy. Much better than today. Less violence, less evil.