America Is A Sinking Ship

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Day by day, our nation sinks a little more. We’re taking on water, and our bilge pump is broken. Instead of everyone working together to bail out the ship. Our leaders fight over how we should do it. So, we sink, sink, sink. If we cannot unite soon, we’re going straight to the bottom, and…


So this is where I’m working on patience. I often wonder if this ship will have to sink to bring on the events of the end times. Anti-christ and then what we have all been “patiently” waiting for, the return of our True Christ!

I know many believe that the US and Canada will be restored prior to that. I still cannot find scripture to prove that. So I continue to pray for patience and eyes to see significant events that need to take place.


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Nobody is asking you to take a bullet for a politician. The question is what will you do when others are taking bullets or being locked up for their good values - the middle ground has an end also.

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I think you missed the point of the article. It was to explain how both sides of the political isle are using the American public for their own political gain. If we continue on with their charade, it may lead to bullets. That’s exactly what I am trying to warn everyone about.

If bullets start flying, then it means the American public took the bait set by our political elite. Why on earth would I also take the bait, knowing in advance, that may occur? Why would I participate in that?

I am not only warning about that possibility, but I offered solutions instead of the doom and death offered by our leaders. I don’t fear death, but I’m not dying and leaving my family behind for some billionaire and political hacks. They’re not going to define sides for me. I’m on God’s side, not theirs.

If our political elite want a war, they can go fight it. They can go put on the gloves and duke it out in the ring. Why do you need to perish for someone else’s greed and power trip? I warn everyone, don’t let others play you and lead you and your family to ruin. Instead, get involved at the local level and build up from there.


you can increase tax collection 2 ways…1) by increasing tax rates generally, or by decreasing the rate but augmenting private enterprize.

By the way, I didn’t mention it in the article, but did anyone else notice how dark and creepy Biden’s speech was? The set looks like it was setup for Halloween. Instead, it was setup to vilify the right.

The Bible says,

Mat 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Biden sure isn’t a peacemaker.


I DID see that and yes, very bizarre and creepy! Have to admit, I didn’t listen to all of his babbling. My brain didn’t need to be filled with that. Sure seems like both sides are trying to push people to civil war.

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I think about if something does pop off then your going to have wackos from one side or the other saying your either for us or against us and no sitting on the fence then what you going to do ? Because you might not have any choice but to duck and dive bullets .

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Yes, that background for his ramblings was very dark and creepy.

His administrations(Communist Bolsheviks)polices are insane.

They have shown to the people
We are pedophiles
We are sodomites
We are coming for your children
We love murdering the unborn
We are going to tax you into bankruptcy
Whitey is evil a threat to our demonic love fest
We are a democracy (excuse me we are Constitutional Republic)
Resistance is futile we have F16’s etc to use against you
We(Bolsheviks)cry out in pain as they slap us in the face.(Where have I heard that before)