Always Build Up, Never Tear Down

Full article at: Always Build Up, Never Tear Down | World Events and the Bible

Scripture teaches us to build up our brothers and sisters in the faith. That expands God’s Kingdom. Unfortunately, we all tend to fall short in that area.


We are called to Love just as Christ Loved us!!! Unconditionally!!! Without condition!!! That’s the problem…we can’t imagine what that looks like when we’re divided over everything, even Him! That’s why I’m so thankful that my heart is what will be measured and nothing else.


This post from last year popped up when reading a more current article. I just had to comment on this because I wanted people to read it again or if they missed it.

This article is so important for us Christians to understand, especially in the times we are in now. It was a good reminder for me as well.

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Anyone can demolish a house. On the other hand, building a house requires disciplines.

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Agree. There are some beliefs out there that are STRICTLY against God’s word, such as murdering innocent babies that haven’t been born. Some rules just can’t be ignored.

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