All Doesn't Always Mean All

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When we read Scripture, it’s important to ensure we understand the context and what’s being discussed. At times, we read phrases like “all” or “face of the earth.” If we are not careful, we can assume it literally means “all” of something or the entire earth. However, all doesn’t always mean all. Let’s look at…


I was just going to give you a thumbs-up because I have nothing to add, but I needed 20 characters first. >>>> :+1:

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Alot to learn, Even the old pastor has a cd that says the word world doesn’t mean the round ball we live on. Other things to think about Titus 1:2 says God cannot lie… And Jesus says I come not except for the house of ISRAEL. And I don’t think Gentile means non Israelite. We that have the love of truth should study so we can get understanding. alot of people like to stop learning and we fool ourself. Next time in the south you better call me. I ramble on…

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Good morning Tommy. how do you define a Gentile? I’m curious.

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Look up Arnold Kennedy… Know works chapter 10 " Gentiles" has a dozen pages on gentiles.

How do we know its a round ball? Lol :sunglasses:

Ask a airplane pilot, he can take many routes to the same place 5000 miles away.

Ok i will. Im not sure if its round or not. But i do know the sun and moon moves and the earth is stationary.

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Isa 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the EARTH…

Who is Arthur Kennedy? Sorry, I’ve never heard of him.

Arnold Kennedy not arthor sorry bout that.