Alabama Pastor/Mayor outed as homosexual kills self

Sad news…

An Alabama Pastor and Mayor was outed for being a homosexual behind closed doors. This became public, to which the pastor admitted to, saying, dressing up like a woman was a “stress reliever” and he did it in his own private home.

Phenix City School Superintendent Larry DiChiara, his friend said,

“I am so angry right now and heartbroken. I witnessed a good man be publicly ridiculed and crucified over the last few days… to the point that he just took his own life today.”

DiCharia said he’d offered his “support and encouragement” to Copeland after he was outed on Wednesday and that Copeland acknowledged he was going through some “dark days.”

I just want to ask you people who thought it humorous to publicly ridicule him, ‘Are you happy now?’ What crime did he commit? Some of you people make me sick,” DiCharia added. “I hope you are really proud. For our brother, F.L. Bubba Copeland, May God bless your soul and forgive those who took pleasure in your suffering. They should all be ashamed!”

I can see the friend being upset, but we must remove emotion and personal connections from these situations. Copeland was a homosexual who hid this reality from his flock, while pretending to be a righteous man before them, before God.

Copeland had

Reddit and Instagram accounts, writing that he posed “in various outfits, some more racy than others.” … Copeland used the pseudonym “Brittini Blaire Summerlin” and posted pornography and advice on chemically transitioning.

This is horrible and despicable.

Moreover, I don’t think anyone thinks it’s funny the guy killed himself. It’s sad, it’s horrible. However, this man engaged in heinous sin, continually, but those who outed him are being shamed.

Imagine the shame he’s confronted with in Heaven right now? It’s nothing to the shame he may have felt here on earth. Just remember, it was that man who made the decision to be a closet homosexual, while leading a church, while preaching the Gospel.

This is why Scripture says, there are many who will say to Jesus, we have done mighty works in Your name, and He will say, I never knew you.

Sad situation, all the way around, but false teachers like this are among us.

How many more people will never walk through a church door because of “pastors” like this?

This world is sick sad…just like God said it would be.

Edited to add: And this is how satan goes straight for the heart of God fearing people. Some will be caught up sympathizing for this man even though he was doing evil.

I read that when it came out, started to comment on it, but did not. just saw your comment.
I’m glad you commented. your bottom line question question says it all. I’ve always felt that organized religion has pushed more people away from God than than any other device.
Organized religion is an industry for profit. A Catholic compound was recently finished in OKC It sits on four city blocks and is humongous. A gawdy and grotesque display of wealth.
There are tent encampments and people living under overpasses in every direction just blocks away. I’m not impressed. sickened is more accurate. Thankful that I have a small closet with a door on it and a Holy Bible. That’s all I need.

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