AI Robots at Football Game

I don’t watch too much football anymore. I was asked by my builder if I saw the AI robots at the Miami game walking around.
Is this for real or are they Star Trek dress up people?

Not one single thing would surprise me these days. We don’t watch football any more either. And we used to be die hard Packer fans. Nope, all bought and paid for by China.

Definitely creepy id punch one

That’ll be the day.

They’re really people and part of a movie promotion. You can see the gal blink toward the end here.

P.S. I was a Bengals fan all my life, from 1989 onward. I used to run a website when I was a teen called, “Brandon’s Bengals Extreme!!!” I was once offered by the Bengals to run their, then new website,, and travel with the team. Ran an AFC Central forum sometime after as well. Boy that was a while back! :smile:

I wanted to take the kids to a game in Cincy a couple years back, but not with that kneeling stuff. These days, I only hear about the Bengals when they make national news. Why couldn’t they have been good way back then? Ohh the torture I endured. :joy:

Thanks Erika, I’ve noticed that these robots are always sitting down when displayed. All of them have the same ‘deadface’ and mechanical movement with pauses. Not much more than a high priced ‘Chatty Cathy’. Granted they have created working practical robots that are impressive. but duplicating humans? Nah.

Give them a drink and lets see what happens? Lol. Whats the purpose?

They think its clever having a movie called," The Creator", released on Jesus’s birthday, don’t they?!

I didn’t even catch the name of the movie and the date until you mentioned it. Disgusting!