AI chatbot Jesus will answer your questions

Yes, there’s a Jesus chatbot.

You know, that AI stuff where it scoured the web, collecting our thoughts and regurgitating them. Perhaps it’s all in fun, but there are real preachers in real churches using AI to prepare their sermons.

That is what separates religion from Christianity.

Folks, we cannot rely on machines for our spiritual guidance. We have the Bible for that and good men who help bring it to us.

I’ll tell ya…this is getting harder and harder to watch as it all plays out. Seeing friends and family (and multitudes of God’s children) getting sucked into satan’s battle with true Christianity.

I was thinking about this lately. Satan has this big grid covering the world. And our Almighty God precisely plucks at satan’s grid, like a guitar - just ever so slightly, interrupting satan’s plan to produce His will, His outcome. God also has a grid over this world, but it’s smaller or not as tightly woven at this time(think remnant), but is way more powerful! Satan uses technology, man-made devices to deceive God’s children. While God uses His POWER to fulfill His will.

So I’m thinking, as Christians see this whole AI thing play out, some will realize that it’s part of satan’s game. God plucking at that technological grid, changing some of His children’s minds and awakening them to truth.

Higher form of institutional buffered and sterilized Christianity.

I think God is sitting back and watching His children totally embarrass themselves. I believe there is a remnant, but not a forced remnant. That wouldn’t be fair, it still has to be a choice, especially today.
He chose certain ones to fulfill His plan to bring Christ forward, but now the salvation plan is there, the redeemer is available, there is nothing left for Him to do but see who is going to take the easy wide road, or the narrow road. (The narrow road is easier, if you really think about it)
I have reached 2nd Chronicles and Solomon is a good example. God wanted him to rein and be king. (Due to David) The fact that Solomon asked not of himself, but for others to do what God would suggest him to do, brought him a kingdom that was unheard of. God even overlooked some things that Solomon did. (Allowance is not the same as approval) If Solomon thought only of himself, the temple probably would never have been built by him.
He only brought trouble on himself when he didn’t put God first and his son followed right in his footsteps.
Any preacher, minister etc., that uses AI to develop his weekly sermon is nothing short of laziness and or a lack of scriptural knowledge. How hard is it to have a sermon every week. Read the headlines, check God’s word and bingo, a sermon is born. The social media is the enemy, know your enemy, test it against God’s word and to quote Seinfeld, that’s a show. The world being so corrupt makes the pool of sermons endless.

I agree! The flesh person has to choose.

Interesting thought. Although I do like to think that God likes to give satan a bit more of challenge some times.

And I loved reading Samual, Kings and Chronicles consecutively. I only wish I would have taken more consistent notes to compare my thoughts to when I do it again.

Yea, I’m sure there is always contention there. It would seem he runs around being a pain for everyone. Constant rebuking. Being the accuser day and night.
I lean toward him not wanting to be on earth, permanently, he has the best of both worlds right now. Hence him being cast out after the war.

This may be a good time to keep in mind Mark 13:5&6.

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