After the tribulation?

What does everyone think concerning Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24 and Luke 21:11, 25 (worded slightly different) when it says the sun is darkened, the moon shall not give her light, and the stars fall, after the tribulation?

My understanding is that after the tribulation when Jesus returns, He will be the light and there will be no need for the sun. The stars falling from heaven, meaning all those that had died a flesh death prior to the end of the tribulation will be on earth which is where heaven will be.

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Could this mean the sun will be darkened by coming of Jesus Christ and his glory outshines the sun and moon?
Is this why it would be after the Tribulation?

Stars could be Satan’s fallen angles cast out with him.
The great shaking, the untimely figs. Hebrews 12:26-27
Revelation 12: 7-9
Revelation 6: 13 at the 6th trump.

Okay, next is where I am still not understanding this.

Revelation 6:12
Now this mentions the sun and moon during the 6th seal.
You can see the sun’s (sackcloth) and moon’s appearance (blood).

This sounds different them not giving light in Matthew 24:29
If in Matthew 24 it’s from the return of Christ that would have to happen at the 7th trump would it not??

Yet in Revelation 6:12 the effect on the moon and sun here are taking place at the 6th seal.

I can’t explain the earthquakes.
I feel it’s not the earth quake when Christ sets foot on the Mt. of Olives.
The earthquakes mentioned here are plural.

Famines mentioned are for hearing the true word of God. Amos 8:11

I feel the fearful sights and great signs will be related to Revelation 13:13-14
Since Satan is from (cast down) from Heaven and the people will believe he is from there.

Luke 21:25

Is the sea here also representing the people as in Revelation 17:15 ?

I am not clear on this myself.

I hope I made sense here. :innocent:

Here is some of my thinking:

We know Satan has to be here for the tribulation, especially the 2nd half. It states after those days, which I view as after the abomination being set up, so we know the fallen and Satan are already here and did their thing.

Then the heavenly signs happen. This appears to be what 2nd Peter 3:10 mentions as well as other places in the Old Testament. We know there is going to be a new heaven and earth. The heavens roll up like a scroll.

Rev 6:12 also states the same events which creates such a fear to make all walks of life want to hide. The other event we are told is when Christ comes with His armies, Satan and his armies along with the kings of the earth try to make war with Christ so they are not hiding at that time. Revelation 19:19. This points to the heavenly events happening between the end of the tribulation and the arriving of Christ.

I am leaning toward this event happens after the 2 witnesses are slain and resurrect. Which brings the punishment of the nations through the vials and the lying spirits for the kings to think they can defeat Christ at the final battle. Rev 16:12-14.