Abbott sends more illegals to DC

Gov. Abbott continues to bus illegal immigrants to blue cities. If you want to make an impact, send them all to DC, overwhelm them. Then they get the point.

On the flip side, this is aiding and abetting criminals into the United States.

Interesting how he could have been doing this for a lot longer than he has been. Looks like more political game playing…elections bring up all kinds of antics.


Not falling for this, in my opinion, it is just a way of putting more illegals in other states, instead of having to fly them else where during the night time. people think this is a good idea? start waking up!


Good point! And that they have been doing for years. We got lots of them here in Wisconsin.

they are everywhere you look anymore. i live out in the country we don’t see them here too much, but eventually the way it is going we will someday.

Fort McCoy (military base here in WI) has brought A LOT of refugees into the state. It’s in the NE part of WI and there are lots of very small towns up there…they are heading out to them and coming south.

I also live more in the country, but our area is growing and really want to move north. I have commitments where I live now, so that won’t be possible for awhile at least.

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That’s been our experience as well. You don’t find them in the country so often. However, there is a small town in TN where we found a massive pocket. It’s a small town. My guess, no proof, it’s a drop off location. There was just too many. The surrounding areas had none.