A World Of Distractions And Diversions

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We are being distracted and diverted everywhere we look. The biggest issues of our time are glossed over and covered up. While the nuances and diversions take center stage. Suddenly, a Chinese balloon is of extreme national security, but enforcing our southern border is not. Scrambling fighter jets to take out “objects” in the sky…

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They need chaos in order to usher-in the World Order. Time for people to get their gospel armor on.


Now this distraction.
All the propaganda outlets are pushing this story now.

Iran getting their ducks in row could be setting the stage for the ram and the goat.

I know I spout this a lot.
Could be a “type” but it is lining up perfectly.

All that matters to me anymore is getting sealed with God’s Word.

What a time to be alive.

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When all else fails they will pull out an alien invasion like what is depicted in the movie, “Independence Day” to keep the fear factor going.

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Yup project bluebeam !

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Voluntarily removing a post.

@Donna, there’s only ten simple rules for this site. This is one of them.

  1. This is not a doomer site. No fear-mongering, no conspiracies, the world is filled with them. We do not need to be a hub for more. Trust me, there are no reptilians, but there is an abyss for these type of posts…

If you believe in that stuff, hey more power to you! But why do you want to break a simple house rule by bringing that here, when I request people refrain?

You can talk about this on social media, on that YouTube page, in your Bible groups. The internet is filled with this stuff. You can learn and share it anywhere. Wherever you want, just not here.

This website is for discussing the Bible and a common sense approach to the world.

I apologize for posting that.