A wise mans heart is at his right hand, but a fools heart at his left.

Hope you looked it up Edna, I’ve had several people close to me doubt that scripture is in Mathew. Another that is easily overlooked is Ecclesiastes 10 : 2 A wise mans heart is at his right hand, but a fools heart at his left. 3 - Yea also, when he that is a fool. Walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to everyone that he is a fool. With all of this talk about the right and the left that one made my jaw drop.

I did look it up and read Matthew 28: 12-15. Simply not sure of how you are tying
Ecclesiastes 10:2-3 to this subject.

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Edna, I’m sorry. I wasn’t tying it in to the subject. I was giving another example of scripture that a lot of people, Most, probably are not aware of. Have you ever read that verse in Ecclesiastes? Our nation is divided, ’ the left and the right.

Don’t forget who started calling the dems left and the republicans right. Flesh man.

I have to wonder to where they got it.

I’ll bet you a package of skittles that the terms were not just by chance, but were taken from scripture… Oh, 'I like the assorted flavors.

Well…I don’t like skittles, but you can still buy me a pack! :rofl: You know I love ya and still respect your opinion. :smiley:

You don’t like Skittles? Well, heck there’s your problem sis. :wink:

Never been a fan of candy…especially those with heavy dyes. :wink: Ya…I’m one of those people. Now give me some true butter toffee with cashews…THAT is candy!!

I researched the origins of left and right in politics. It seems as simple as the seating arrangements in 1790 France during the French revolution. And just by accident it was the political movement who were discontent and opposed traditional values, culture and authority who in those days legislated laws guided by spiritual convictions. ‘Gods wisdom’ , who were seated to the left of the bench. The more conservative people who were content with traditional, values , culture and authority and opposed change were seated to the right of the bench. Of course in the modern world we live in today will always avoid any reference to Gods word since it would be counter productive to their agenda.
The left and right, coincidence ? I don’t think so, I think the powers that be in 1790
knew there bible. I also think the United states adopted the those terms defining liberal progressives ‘left’ wing, and Christian conservatives ‘right’ wing in the early 1900’s
To be a progressive liber is to see God and h is word as stumbling block as well all people that believe and follow his word. Since they got a toe hold in this country every win has embolden them. Today they mock God openly and view Christians as mentally challenged and shackled by their belief in God and unable to move forward until we ‘wake up’ and get on board.
Am I wrong?

Thank you for doing the research - that is very interesting. I do believe the terms are scriptural, but as we know, in the these end times, the evil is spread everywhere. I believe that evil has spread into the conservative politicians over the years. BTW, I have always been very conservative in my views. But as I continue to study and pray, I see the two sides (literal/earthly) are blending into the same if that makes sense. That is why we as Christians need to stand firm in The Word and use God’s definition of left and right and not the way man’s version of left and right is.

I hope that makes sense…trying to get rid of a headache over here but felt the need to respond right away. I always love our discussions. :slight_smile:

Oh, I get that. totally agree. sincerely hope you loose that headache. Like wise I always enjoy
a good hearted debate. you might try a couple skittles for that headache, you never know.

Interesting and off the subject, but “skittles” is the word used by many (nonbelievers) to describe gay people. They use the rainbow colors in the candy to draw attention to the fact someone is, or might be, gay without openly saying so. I’m with you Ms Kay, true butter English toffee is the way to go for candy.
Another confrontation going on, is a Messianic Rabbi fighting the gay community using the rainbow as their symbol. He has a message that simple states we should ‘take back the rainbow.’ I totally agree.

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Edna, I’m sure you know that, Homosexuals adopted the
word ‘Gay’ and the rainbow to mask the immoral and disgusting practice of homosexuality. Gay means Happy! lighthearted, not sexual deviance. Rainbows are beautiful and not ugly. Rainbows are natural not fornicated. What a pitiful attempt at trying to deceive intelligent people into associating good things with ugly things. It is working on stupid people. So have a skittle if you like and go out and admire a beautiful rainbow.

Yes - that is exactly what they do! And in regards to the rainbow…their rainbow is only 6 colors. My son pointed that out to me when he was probably 6 or 7 yrs old.

I don’t think Edna was saying you can’t eat skittles! :wink: Just pointing out the connection. And really, if you look around - those connections are all over the place! Kind of like a web…a snare!

OH…but don’t forget about those dyes in the skittles…many are those ingredients have hormone disruptors in them. And yet another connection. :slight_smile:

Nope, didn’t know why the word ‘gay’ was used. Just finished reading Brandon’s article on the youth today contemplating suicide. They missed the mark on expressing being happy and light hearted.

Edna, I think you may have misunderheard me. I have always preferred the ‘tell it like it is’ method. No facades , no sugar coating, no misconceptions. No wonder our children today are so sad and confused. They are not hearing the truth. They are being kept in the dark even by
their own parents who are afraid to say things that may be considered politically incorrect by the mainstream. It does feel odd and uncomfortable to explain in detail the truth about everything to a young person. But it is a parents responsibility to make sure they understand the truth. Kids don’t like being lied to. Especially by their mom and dad whom they trust, or ‘should’ I do firmly believe that attempting to ‘protect’ our little rascals from the ugly world, We are making them them more vulnerable to lies, deception and the most life ruining dangers in this world.
Life isn’t all feel good fun and games, unicorns and rainbows. In fact, it is a hellish and treacherous obstacle course. Better for them to have a reference line to navigate from and too. Modern kids play a lot of video games, when they mess up or get defeated all they have to do is reset the game and start a ‘new game’ In life unfortunately there is no ‘reset’ button. Boy, do we all know that’s right. I apologize If I said anything in my previous post that you perceived was aimed at you.
No way.