A Thought On This Short Life

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While driving down the interstate a week or so back I saw a billboard that read, “When you die, you will meet God”.


It’s interesting to think about how one person can read that sign and get worried about dying, another can be scared because he/she knows that they aren’t living according to God’s commandments and others are comforted. Of course there are some that will read it and not even think about it. It’s each persons unique reality of this world. And when you take that another step further - the “reality” of those that believe in our governmental system, our health system, education, etc. it truly brings a whole knew perspective to your own reality of other people. I hope that made sense…I have a hard time putting down in words what I’m thinking. :wink:

But your point of this post is one that is so important. All these material things, worldly things are vanity. What a different world this would be if people were more concerned about their needs compared to their wants. And our true possessions are finer than gold and silver - the possessions of our good works. :sparkling_heart:


what I do find comfort in, is that “death” is a real issue for some. Others, it will take that reality to the real level…death of the very soul. Hopefully, many will want to live with God and His family.


Thank you Brandon for bringing up this very simple deduction. Many people are scared of the unknown, I get it. However, if we study God’s word. everyday, and talk with Him, the unknown starts to fade into the background more and more.


Very well said!! The heartbreaking part is seeing others not getting it , but that hurt also starts to fade as we realize God’s plan - He told us some will get it and some will not.


Amen! To give real life examples, I think most of us heard this phrase spoken many times in our lives 'what goes around, 'comes around. It refers to our everyday interactions with others. How we operate, our mindset, our heart. Even though I didn’t understand that phrase along with many others I heard growing up, I knew they were words not to be taken lightly. And it caused me to look differently at the people who spoke them, especially when the words were said quietly ,but flatly and final. They had been treated unjustly, unfairly, usually by a person who who took advantage of of their good character, naivety, gullibility by deceit, trickery. Albeit, some people become victims due to their own unworthy intentions. It is much more difficult to flimflam a sincere honest person than, 'say someone with your own unsavory character, let a person think they are getting a ‘steal’ and you have them in the bag. Oldest trick in the book. Rule number one, 'Nothing is ‘free’ and ‘free’ is nothing. Back to the point. As I grew older and tried to get one over on another person or they did the same to me, the results were always the same, negative. Some emotionally painful, financially painful. spiritually painful or all of the above. Always later the realization begins to seep in and I realize that , 'it was my fault! I slung it out there and it came back and hit me in the head [billfold] ‘the boomerang effect’ As I grew older and had more knots on my head I began to slowly realize the cause. and all of those old wise words of wisdom were burning in my ears. If you have nothing nice to say, 'shut up! ‘ya never miss the water till the well goes dry’ ‘always treat others, how you like to be treated’ Aint noth’in free boy! 'Mind your own business! ‘never throw stones from a glass house’ 'Son every time you tell a lie, 'someone will lie to you. If you lay with another mans wife, 'another man will surely lie with yours. Ouch! 'spare the rod, 'spoil the child. Those old say’ings are not made up folk lore. They are hard learned lessons cast in pure gold and they are ancient. I saw that that sign too Brandon. My first thought was , 'Absolutely! Christ, told me I would and that he is preparing a place for me. He don’t and cant lie. If someone asks me, how can you be sure about that?
I guess I would have to say, 'if you are asking honestly, I honestly think you need to find the answer yourself. You can lead a horse to water, 'but you can’t make him drink.

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Good read, Kay. We have become so upside down in our thinking where the obvious is ignored,
the unseemly is coveted. We are witnessing complete madness, like an orchestra where all musicians are playing different sheets at the same time. Insanity.

Isn’t that the definition of Jazz. :rofl: Sorry couldn’t help myself, just went to a jazz fest and it gave me such a headache. A cacophony of different sounds. :upside_down_face:

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Years ago I went to a small bar to listen to jazz. I have to admit…it is quite chaotic in the head at times! :crazy_face: